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Great Oak Academic Leadership Society (GOALS)

Our Mission

Great Oak Academic Leadership Society (GOALS) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, public benefit corporation tax ID#20-1127880, formed by supporters of Great Oak High School (GOHS). GOALS mission is to expand and enrich the educational experience of the students of Great Oak High School.

GOALS supports Great Oak High School with Parent Support Group Administration and Oversight (PSGs or Booster Clubs):

  • Accounting – GOALS manages all revenue generated by groups and ensures they are not commingled with any other group.  Each group controls their funds and is provided a monthly financial statement with balances and monthly activity reports.

  • Insurance – GOALS provides insurance coverage for all PSGs protecting the groups from property and casualty liability.  The cost to each group is nominal and is assessed annually by GOALS.

  • Tax Filing – GOALS prepares and submits Federal and State tax returns consolidating all revenue and expenses for the groups so as to maintain its nonprofit, tax-free status.
  • Fundraising Support – GOALS reviews all fundraising requests submitted by each group to ensure that the event does not conflict with another PSG or campus event, and solicits the required administration approvals. GOALS also provides support in the form of volunteers or financing as needed to assist in fundraising events.

Signup Genius - GOALS Office Support!

Please sign up for days & times when you can work in the GOALS office. Duties include taking in & logging deposits from PSGs, taking in check requests, fundraiser requests, answering ad hoc questions from PSGs & Admin, keeping the office organized. We thank you so much for your time & talents, without which we cannot help our Wolfpack PSGs & students succeed!

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Join the GOALS Board!

We are always in need of dedicated parents, grandparents and family members to help out.  Please let us know if you can share your time & talents by clicking on the link to email GOALS:  

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2018-2019 GOALS Executive Board

President Jessica Aviles
Vice President Bredlyn Tovar
Treasurer Gina Viseth
Secretary Lizza Flynn
Director Dan Segura
Director Gwen Conroy
Director Susan Johnson
Director Adam Bente
Director Bri Schaffer
Director Julie Taylor
Volunteer Coordinator OPEN
Fundraising Coordinator OPEN
Sponsorship Coordinator OPEN
Bingo Coordinator OPEN
Go-Chella Coordinator OPEN
Hospitality Coordinator OPEN