Team Email Update 6-1-21

Good evening Parents!

This email is going to parents of current and incoming GOHS XC Runners.  If your child will be running Cross Country in the Fall, please go to the website and sign them up on the form.  Many of you have already done so - thank you.  If your child will not be running Cross Country in the Fall, please let me know so I can remove your child from the roster.

Cross Country Website Link

On the website, you will find all announcements underneath a menu with current important information.  Here are a few things to look for and read to make sure you understand them:

  • Wednesday, June 2nd is a meeting for all current GOHS XC Runners (no incoming freshmen) at 3:00 in the stadium.  Runners should bring a towel.  We will be discussing summer training schedules, cross training, some positioning (reason for the towels), good news about Meets and a few other important items.
  • Athletic Clearance - This is actually on the GOHS Athletics Home Page.  All runners must be cleared through this process BEFORE the July 12th Time Trials.  This applies to new and existing runners and is a process that must be completed yearly. Please DO NOT donate any money through the Athletic Clearance process.
  • Summer Training Schedules - These are linked on the XC Website.  Runners are encouraged to ask me questions and to get help on their Summer Training.
  • July 21th Time Trials - This information has just been posted on the website.  It will be a fun morning for runners and families!  Please read.  New/incoming runners can attend the Zoom Meeting on June 8th to ask questions and get clarity about Summer Schedules and the July 12th Time Trials (see website about meeting).
  • Zoom Meeting for New/Incoming 9th Grade Runners - See info on the website.

The XC Website will be how I communicate all information to runners and their families.  Please develop a habit of checking it for updates.  I will also send out emails through the PSG (and personally) to give you the heads up to check the site.

I am already having good conversations with runners who are invested in making sure they are getting the most out of their Summer workouts and I look forward to continuing to get to know them as we work together.

Enjoy the end of the school year!  I will be at graduation this Friday to celebrate our Seniors!

Coach Draughon