Team Email Update 6-6-21

Runners and Parents,

It’s time to do the next steps in making sure our XC Team is ready to go on July 12th.  Right now, runners should be in the process of training or resting or cross-training.  Everything depends on when runners finish training with Track (Congrats to runners from Saturday!  And good luck to those still running in the Finals!)  Runners are encouraged to contact me for help/questions about how to handle the Summer schedule.  **The GOHS XC Teams Update 6/1/2021 is contained below in this email in case you need to catch up or refer to it.

How do Runners contact Coach Draughon and how do parents contact Coach Draughon?

  • Runners will have 2 main methods of contact for right now.  #1 is through my school email.  I always respond.  #2 is through Remind.  I have set up a new Remind Account for XC.  #3 will be for urgent use during practice and on days of Meets.  They will receive my personal cell phone number to be used only in those circumstances.

Here is the link to use to join the Remind. or Text @gohsx to the number 81010  Runners - PLEASE DO THIS TODAY!

I respond VERY FAST to Runners/Students using either method, so Runners should choose the method they will check for responses to most efficiently.

Coach Draughon will also run  GOHS XC Instagram - Start following.  Nothing will be posted until July 12th.  gohs_xc

  • Parents please contact me through my school email.  The exception to this would be for an urgent need on Meet days and then you would use my cell phone number to contact me.  I will provide my cell number after the start of the season. This does not apply to current coaches or PSG officers.

Below are other important pieces of information:

  • Cross Country Website Link - Make sure Runners are signed up on the Team Roster and that Athletic Clearance is being handled.  Athletic Clearance is this link: GOHS Athletics Home Page - Remember, Please DO NOT donate any money through the Athletic Clearance process.

  • June 8th Deliveries - This involves a large number of Group 1 athletes. Parents, Runners have been instructed to clear all driving arrangements with YOU! I have instructed them to obey all laws and parental orders! Please check with your child to see if they need you to help with driving. Nothing should be happening that is not approved of and supported by parents in this venture. It is all voluntary. Here are the groups that have volunteered. One runner from each group should be coming to my classroom (511) on Tuesday between 10 AM and 12:30 PM to pick up their packet.

    Carson Smith, Mark Cortes, David Kankowski, Ramses Cortes, Diego Valdes, Nick Gaffney

    Ainslee Robbins, Brandi Peck, Julia Robles

    Cameron Smith, Tristan Ocasio, Jordan Myers, Cole Bauer, Brandon, Wilk, Logan Carter

    Sergio Gomez, Cameron Keeney, Kai Marotta, Michael Rodriguez

    Divine Torza, Aishling Fabian, Joelle Upshur, Emily Donofrio

    Jenna Handschumacher, Keira DeBoard, Kelli Gaffney, Kaia Gaffney, Mizti Casillas, Jadyn De La Torre, Cailin Osborne

    Hannah Miller, Ameya Teli, Kali Kraus, Lauren Ropacki, Laura Shoaf, Devlyn Torza, Meilani Castillo

    Mia Rodriguez, Ava Zavala

  • June 8th Zoom Meeting -  See info on the website to see who should attend.

  • July 12th Time Trials -Information posted on the website.  I will send out more information to help new XC Parents with this day’s organization sometime later in June. This is the day to pay XC donations - please read info on website.

  • FALL XC Schedule!!  It isn’t finalized, but it is starting to take shape!  See the website for information.

Coach Draughon