Team Email Update 6-23-21

Runners and Parents - 

I hope you are all enjoying your Summer and that runners are all involved in their training plans.  All runners are encouraged to contact me with any questions.  Just a couple of important updates:

  1. Make sure you are checking the website for updates:  XC WEBSITE LINK
  2. Schedule Update - Check the website!!  More Meets are being scheduled!  
  3. If this is the first email you have received, please go back and catch up on previous updates/emails.  They are listed on the website.  It is important for all runners to be on Remind and that info is in one of those updates.  Get in the habit of checking the website.
  4. Athletic Clearance
  • I have posted a list of names of cleared athletes on the website.  Only names are shown - no personal information.  If your runner is on this list, they are cleared and ready to go for Time Trials on July 12th.  If your runner is NOT on the list, they are NOT yet cleared and would not be allowed to run the Time Trial if it were today.  If you have submitted your runner's clearance and have any questions, contact Herschel Ramirez:  I will continue to update the list on the website every few days.
  • Remember DO NOT donate $ through Athletic Clearance!  It does not go to XC.  You can choose to donate through Athletic Clearance, but that money will not count toward the XC fees.  Contact me if you have accidentally donated incorrectly.

Coach Draughon