Team Email Update 6-30-21

Runners and Parents,

I hope you are enjoying your Summer!

#1: I am in the process of updating the info on the website about Athletic Clearance, but I am attaching it to this email as well because we are down to the last 12 days before the Time Trials on July 12th.  

Read the info at the top of the attached list so you understand the information being provided.  Ask questions if you do not understand.  If there is a "NO" beside a runner's name, then something needs to be taken care of ASAP - with the Athletic Clearance being the most important.

#2: Runners - If you are having questions as you run (hope you're following the plan) then please contact me on Remind or through email.  

#3: Please check the information about the Time Trials on the website. 

#4:  Remember that I post previous email updates on the website so you can access and refer to them.


I will continue to update the Athletic Clearance list every couple of days.  I will not be flexible in any way about Athletic Clearance.  If a runner is not on the Cleared list by July 12th, he/she will not run.  Please handle situations and questions early.  

Let me know if you have any questions.  

Coach Draughon