Team Email Update 7-10-21

Everyone should have received an email from PSG regarding several important reminders.  I am including them to make sure everyone has seen them.  I have also updated the Athletic Clearance and Team Google Form List on the XC Website.  It shows the latest information as of this morning.  

Let me know if you have any questions.  I’m excited to see all of you Monday morning.

Coach Draughon



-  Athlete check in starts at 6:15 am and only those with an approved Athletic Clearance will be allowed to participate in the Time Trial 

- Be advised that the gate to the park may not be open at 6.15 and if it is there are limited parking spaces in the park itself but there is plenty of street parking.  Also please note that there are no bathrooms at Butterfield Stage Park, the nearest one is at Crown Hill Park and it may not be open until 8am so please plan accordingly.

-  $200 Team Donations will be collected by the PSG, checks would be ideal but we can also take cash and paypal. Please make checks payable to GO PACK with Cross Country in the memo line.  

- The Pack Shack will be set up and selling plenty of awesome GOHS XC gear from warm ups to spirit wear. This will be the perfect opportunity to get your athlete their gear for the season.  Checks, cash and Paypal will be accepted 


We are having a fundraiser on Monday July 12th from 10.30am - 9pm at Wing N' Things on Temecula Parkway.  20% of the proceeds go to GOHS XC so please come out and support the team.  Flyer is available under the Fundraising tab.