Team Email Update 7-18-21

Runners and Parents,

Our first week of practice went extremely well!  Runners are learning the routines and getting adjusted to some new coaches.  Remember that new Runners are welcome to continue joining.  They just need Athletic Clearance to start attending practice.  Invite your friends!  If your friends play other sports (like soccer), invite them to run with us. We will work with athletes concentrating on other sports to help their running improve.

  • Coach Draughon’s Email List

I have cleaned up the email list and I may have dropped off a second parent email for some runners.  Please check email addresses for this email.  If you have a parental email address that did not receive the email, fill out the form so I can add that parent email.  LINK TO FORM

  • Practices:  GOHS XC Team practices 6 days each week.  We practice 2x each day Monday through Friday and then Saturday mornings.  Runners on the team are expected to participate fully.  Summer is difficult because of family trips, etc, but once school starts, Runners will be expected to participate in all practices and meets.

  • Team Camps

July 25th -31st is the week of the Mammoth XC Camp and the Temecula XC Camp.  All Runners will be involved to one of the Camps.  Coach Martin and Coach Laurence will be leading the Temecula XC Camp.  Coach Draughon, Coach Corey, and Coach Johnson will be leading the Mammoth XC Camp.  These will be busy and fun weeks for all Runners!

  • Mammoth invitations are complete.  If your Runner did not receive an invitation to attend, they will not receive one for this year’s Mammoth Camp.  The same week as Mammoth Camp is the Temecula Camp, so all Runners will be in a camp week simultaneously.  


  • COVID - I spent some time Friday afternoon figuring out the COVID guidelines (which are constantly changing).  I was not on top of how to deal with it, but now I am.  It does not matter whether Runners are immunized or not and they do not need to disclose whether they are or not.  IF a Runner tests positive, you need to tell me.  I cannot tell anyone else except that I must tell the Athletic Director.  He will confer with the district and they will make a decision about what will happen as a result of the positive test.  This makes me a little nervous since we do not know exactly what will happen if a Runner tests positive.  So, PLEASE, keep Runners at home if they are sick.  However, I will not be the sickness police.  I will trust that we are all doing our best to determine if allergies are the problem and that no Runners will be at practice knowingly ill.  I will also not go on a “COVID hunt” to place blame on any particular Runner for colds passing through the team.   The reality is that we mostly don’t KNOW for sure where we catch any illness and we are all around more people than we have been in months. 

  • Social Media:

    •  Link to a shared Google Photo Album - Please take pictures during the season and upload them to share with other families.  We will be doing this in Mammoth, along with posting pictures on Instagram.

    • Remember our program is also on Instagram:  gohs_xc  We will be actively posting during the season and we are being followed by Rich Gonzalez and MileSplit, plus others.

  • All Runners should be rolling ( I demonstrated last week and I have put a link in Announcements on the website to help Runners remember.) EACH day.