Team Email Update 7-23-21

GOHS XC Runners and Parents - 

This email contains several important pieces of information.  Please read the entire thing.

Runners Needing Rides To/From Practice

  • We have some talented new Runners with situations where travel to and from practice is difficult for their families right now during Summer practice times.  We have 2 more weeks of Summer practices before school starts.  If a Runner is walking more than half a mile to/from practice, I would like to see that change.

  • Afternoon practices will begin on August 9th, when teachers all go back to work on campus.  Starting then, practice will begin at 3:00 PM.

  • If your Runner needs help getting to and from practice, and you would like to be connected with another XC parent for help, please fill out this form: FORM

  • If you would be willing to be connected to someone needing transportation help, please fill out this form: FORM  

  • Coaches CANNOT transport Runners to and from home.  We take care of anything needed during practices.

XC Team Camps Next Week

  • Next week, in Temecula, practice times/days stay the same as they have been for the last 2 weeks.  Coach Martin and Coach Laurence will have many fun activities worked into the practice schedule for each day.

Afternoon Practices

  • The last day of weekday morning practices will be August 6th.  Saturday morning practices will continue throughout the entire season.

  • Starting August 9th, team practices will be in the afternoon at 3:00 PM.  Personal workouts will then be in the mornings.  I will be running a first period Running PE class that is intended to help Runners with their morning workouts and is aimed at Varsity athletes.  I will be giving guidance counselors a list of Runners I would like in that PE class on August 6th.  I will answer more questions about this on August 6th.

Team Parent Meeting

  • We will have a meeting for all Parents of XC Runners at the beginning of the school year.  More information will be coming soon.  Remember to check announcements on the team website periodically.

I will be in Mammoth Lakes next week for the Mammoth XC Camp.  I will continue to answer Remind messages and emails as I have time.

I will see your Runners tomorrow morning at Butterfield Stage Park for the normal Saturday practice at 6:30 AM.

Running is the Best!  Go Wolfpack!

Coach Draughon