Team Email Update 8-3-21

Good afternoon Runners and Parents - 

Since there will be many pieces of information coming from me, and from all of your other teachers and activities, I will not be sending another email update until the 10th.  However, I am actively adding announcements and information to the website. 

Please make sure you are on the Remind and please check the website regularly.  If you do not know about the Remind, go back to the Team Email Updates I have left on the website.  You can find all the information which has been sent previously.

Couple of things to highlight:

  • Meeting for parents of ALL runners on August 13th at 6:00 PM in the PAC.  Runners do not need to attend - Only parents.

  • The first period PE list is being worked on over the next few days.  I plan to discuss it with Runners on Friday of this week.  It is not completely correct at this point.

  • The Girls' Team has a Season Kickoff Party on August 14th!  I would love to have a family volunteer to host a Boys' Team  Season Kickoff.  Please contact me if your family is interested.

  • Fundraising is HUGELY important for this program to function - especially since we lost a year of fundraising last year.  We must all participate to make funding the team work.

  • Runners and Parents should be on Remind if you want to be informed.  They are SEPARATE Reminds.  Below are screenshots of the codes associated with each of the Reminds.  Text the class code to 81010 to join the Remind.  


Good luck with the organization that has to happen at the beginning of a new school year!

Coach Draughon