Team Email Update 8-18-21

Runners and Families - 

Welcome to runners who are just joining us this week and last week!  We’re excited to have you on the team!

This email contains quite a few important pieces of information.  Please read and save for reference.

Good evening - we got fantastic news today!  Our overnight Meets have been approved by the School Board!  So this means our current season schedule is a go - and we have our first overnight Meet next weekend (8/27-8/28).  For this first Meet (Big Ditch), only 56 athletes will be invited.  The second Meet (Cool Breeze) will include all runners who can run the entire race distance.  Runners who cannot run the race distance can still attend the Meet with the team to watch and help.  I will present the list of Big Ditch runners this Friday and runners will need to have their field trip forms signed and returned to me at Saturday’s practice.  

Usually, the team has gone to a water park after the Meet.  Based on the COVID restrictions, I feel it would be unwise for us to push our luck in such a way.  I have explained the quarantine requirements which happen when a runner or coach is exposed to COVID.  In trying to safeguard our season, we will need to make some tough decisions.  We will still be able to visit the beach on this trip.  More information will be given on Saturday after forms are returned.

We are getting set to start our largest fundraiser of the season with FanAngel.  Runners have been told they must have their accounts set up by Friday’s afternoon practice.  If they do not, and they are on the list for Big Ditch, I will pull them from the Meet.  This fundraiser is essential to our program.  We cannot attend Meets if we cannot pay the fees and the cost of transportation.  Info has been  sent through PSG and is on the website, but it is also included below.


We are excited to kick off our FanAngel fundraiser for the 2021 Cross Country season (this fundraiser is similar in concept to what we have done previously with the SnapRaise platform).

The link below is ONLY for your athletes to create their profiles and enter their supporters' email addresses before launch. After profiles are created and we are ready to launch everyone will be sent a unique URL within a printable flyer to promote their portion of the fundraiser personally.

(for creating profiles and entering emails)

Please see the attached parent letter (see PSG EMail) with further information and a video with step by step instructions. Please note that Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Edge are the preferred browsers.

Please reach out to Danielle Bauer ( or 617.835.5140) with any questions.

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow we have our: 


  • Thursday 8/19/2021

  • 10:30 AM - 8:30 PM

  •  45440 Pechanga Pkwy, Unit 504,  Temecula, CA  92592 

15% of the proceeds will go toward our amazing XC team. Thank you for your support!!

Please see attached flyer for details - feel free to share on social media.

This Friday is the second mile Time Trial for freshmen runners.  We have divided the freshmen into teams - and each team will wear one of the GOHS school colors for the race.  They find out their placement tomorrow,  and they will be coached by the varsity runners.  The race will happen at 4:00 PM on Friday.  It will be held around the perimeter of Birdsall, so Freshmen Families can plan to park at Birdsall before 4:00 in order to be on time for the fun!  Runners will have some cool down/recovery mileage after the Time Trial, so factor that into your plan.     


For those parents who want to secure a room at the same hotel athletes will be staying at for overnight Meets, the information is below.  Remember that not all runners are invited to each Meet, so if you choose to make a non-refundable reservation, and your runner is not invited, there will be nothing the team can do for you.


Donations - If you have not had a chance to donate your fair share donation of $200 for participating in Cross Country, please handle as soon as possible.  Checks can be made out to “GO PACK FOUNDATION” with XC in the memo line and checks can be brought to me at practice or given to one of our PSG officers.

We also ask for donations toward the overnight Meets due to the cost of the hotels and the extra transportation cost.  That donation amount will be included in the information for the upcoming Big Ditch Meet.  

Thank you for snack and drink donations for my classroom for runners.  They have made themselves at home in my classroom in the mornings after workouts, during lunch, and they have come by different times during the day for a place to leave things, etc.  We are always in need of donations.  Small gatorades and small boxed apple/orange juices are the biggest hit.  Right now we seem to be well supplied with water and snacks, but SMALL gatorades  and boxed juices would be helpful.  I have 2 refrigerators for keeping things cold, plus I have supplied a microwave.  Thanks, in advance, for helping!

I appreciate the community and support of this cross country team and I am grateful for the opportunity our school board is giving us to compete.  Let’s do everything we can to keep our runners COVID-free and ready to race.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Coach Draughon