Team Email Update 8-20-21

Runners and Families - 

Congratulations to all the freshmen who ran the Color War Time Trial this afternoon!  Fantastic effort out there!  Whether you felt your run was successful or not, I’m sure there are positive lessons to be learned from the experience.  For me, I learned that your hard work is paying off and I’m excited to see what the entire team accomplishes this season!  **Please send me any group pictures/videos!

Anyone wanting to donate small gatorades and other snacks for during the school day can bring those to Saturday practice for easy loading into Coach Draughon’s truck.

This email contains quite a few important pieces of information.  Please read and save for reference.

The Boys’ Team Season Kick off Party is tomorrow, Saturday the 21st, at the Smith Family’s Home.  The invitation is in the Announcements section of the website.  The Party starts at 3:00.  Each boy on the team is asked to bring something - see the invitation for assignments.

We are making progress with our largest fundraiser of the season, but we are not ready for the kickoff yet.  This fundraiser is essential to our program.  We cannot attend Meets if we cannot pay the fees and the cost of transportation.  Info has been  sent through PSG and is on the website, but it is also included below.

Things to fix:

  • Runners need to make sure last names are on their accounts. 
  • Each runner needs 20+ email addresses in the system.  Our goal is that each runner will raise $500!
  • Coach Draughon will pull athletes from the Big Ditch Meet (and/or Cool Breeze) if they have not handled their FanAngel account.

We are excited to kick off our FanAngel fundraiser for the 2021 Cross Country season (this fundraiser is similar in concept to what we have done previously with the SnapRaise platform).

The link below is ONLY for your athletes to create their profiles and enter their supporters' email addresses before launch. After profiles are created and we are ready to launch everyone will be sent a unique URL within a printable flyer to promote their portion of the fundraiser personally.

(for creating profiles and entering emails)

Please see the attached parent letter (see PSG EMail) with further information and a video with step by step instructions. Please note that Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Edge are the preferred browsers.

Please reach out to Danielle Bauer ( or 617.835.5140) with any questions.

The Big Ditch Meet List was read this afternoon after the Time Trial.  Here is a copy of the list.  In addition to these runners, Jacob Dugan and Joshua D’Souza were added to the list of possible participants.


We will only be taking 56 runners on this trip. Head Coach will make all decisions about race participants.  There is no particular order to the list below.  Runners on the injured/possible participants list will be notified as soon as Coach Draughon can make the decision, but could be notified as late as Thursday afternoon if another runner drops from the race list.  Please let Coach Draughon know ASAP if a runner is not planning to attend.  The information for Big Ditch is attached.  One attachment is Coach Draughon’s information about the trip itinerary and the other attachment is the information from the race.  Notice there is a parking fee for the race.  Remember runners are expected to handle their FanAngel accounts completely or be pulled from the race list.


Donations - If you have not had a chance to donate your fair share donation of $200 for participating in Cross Country, please handle as soon as possible.  Checks can be made out to “GO PACK FOUNDATION” with XC in the memo line and checks can be brought to me at practice or given to one of our PSG officers.

Thank you for snack and drink donations for my classroom for runners.  They have made themselves at home in my classroom in the mornings after workouts, during lunch, and they have come by different times during the day for a place to leave things, etc.  We are always in need of donations.  Small Gatorades and small boxed apple/orange juices are the biggest hit.  Right now we seem to be well supplied with water and snacks, but SMALL Gatorades  and boxed juices would be helpful.  I have 2 refrigerators for keeping things cold, plus I have supplied a microwave.  Thanks, in advance, for helping!

I appreciate the community and support of this cross country team and I am grateful for the opportunity our school board is giving us to compete.  Let’s do everything we can to keep our runners COVID-free and ready to race.  

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Coach Draughon