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It is extremely important to READ all the meet information about parking, etc.  There is a cost to enter the Meet. 

We race in the BLUE category on the race day schedule.  Runners need to be at our GOHS Team Base by 90 minutes before their race.  We encourage runners coming to support all other races, and it is important that all runners are warmed up appropriately for their races.

Thank you for supporting the 40th Woodbridge Cross Country Classic presented by ASICS.  Your support is greatly appreciated and special to our heart!!!

Our staff is working very hard to provide an enjoyable experience for you and your athletes. Please review the information below and share this information with each of your coaches and every family on your team.  It is imperative that everyone (coaches, athletes and parents) is aware of this information!  

  1. Entry Fees:  http://gvarvas.com/entry-fees/.  Bring your school check, personal check, or cash to the meet. Please do not mail the checks at this time
  2. Plan to arrive 2 to 2 1/2 hours before the first race (5:00pm on Friday; 3:50pm on Saturday) to be sure that your athletes will be ready for their races. Traffic will be heavy. After all, it is Southern California, and it is weekend traffic. Check the details for parking ($20 and paid by credit card) and the suggested traveling routes to the facility:  http://gvarvas.com/parking/
  3. Silverlalkes is a cashless facility.  Please pass this on to the families.  ASICS will accept cash and credit cards for the T-shirts and other apparel/foot-ware.
  4. EZ Ups might be inspected by Cal Fire Authorities.  I would suggest that your run your EZ ups by one of the local fire stations for certification ahead of time in case they inspect them at the meet.
  5. Check your race schedule:  http://gvarvas.com/meet-schedule/
  6. Course map:  http://gvarvas.com/course-map/
  7. Rated and Sweepstakes entries (will be revised on Monday):  http://gvarvas.com/sweepstakes-and-rated-entries-list/

Thank you


George Varvas
Woodbridge HS