Dana Hills Roster

Dana Hills Invitational

Meet at GOHS at 5:00 AM, Saturday, 9/25.  We will be riding school buses to Dana Hills for the races.  Families should be transporting their brach party food assignment to the beach or contacting someone in PSG if they need assistance.

See the links below for the Beach Party info and the Invitational for race schedules.  We will be the earliest races of the day.

Time Schedule:
5:00 AM - Arrive at GOHS
5:15 AM - Buses leave GOHS for Dana Hills
6:45 AM - Arrive at Meet
10:30 AM - Leave Meet for Beach
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Beach Party
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Arrive back at GOHS

What to bring?

  • Wear uniform - on when you arrive for the bus
  • $$$ for t-shirts and food at the meet
  • Racing flats and extra socks
  • Food/Drinks:  Beach assignment and anything you need for the Meet
  • Sunscreen/Water Bottle/Homework/Pillow/Beach Gear/Towel

Dana Hills Invitational