More Info/Tips for Mt SAC

From the Mt. SAC Meet Director to Coaches - great info for teams/coaches/parents:

  1. Tell your bus driver to park in LOT F.  This is the lot that is north of Temple Blvd.  The tunnel entrance that leads to the front gate / box office is in this parking lot.  Although other roads look open and my be tempting, stay with LOT F.  Allthough you may not see them from the main road, we have security at the other roads and you will be turned around and sent to Lot F.  Share, if possible with parents as well.
  2. Bring your team water jugs empty.  We have hydration stations and will fill them up for you.
  3. Team Camps are allowed on the grass field south of our scoreboard AND on the ground floor of the Champion Parking Structure located just NORTH of our finish line gauntlet and practice track.  IF you choose to camp in the structure you do not need to bring a tent and there is a warmup path in there that your athletes can take advantage of.  (app. 320 metes long)  If camping in the parking structure please set up in parking stalls only.  Leave the path that cars travel on open.  Note: there will be no cars in this structure but we want the 'road' open for athletes warm up should they choose.
  4. No team camps or seating allowed in the stadium bleachers.
  5. Restrooms: Stadium restrooms open all day for all to use.  Many more than we had in the past.  Don't forget to tell your team and parents that the restrooms at the NORTH end of the stadium are hardly ever used because people don't want to walk that far.  Those that do are rewarded with short lines.  Porta Pots are located in the parking lot near the mile mark. They will be stocked with toilet paper BUT people steal toilet paper and bring back to their team mates.  Strongly suggest you bring your own 'team roll'.  Sad but true......plan for the worst is my only suggestion!
  6. Souvenirs will be for sale at the red/white tents located beneath our score board.
  7. Please exit the stadium via the same gates that you entered.
  8. CHECK IN:  As you exit the tunnel you will see our box office.  Coaches and athletes enter at the far left gate (east gate).  Report to the coaches check in window and tell the people working there your schools name.  They will give you a small box that has your bibs/chips/safety pins/coaches entrance tickets and a sheet of paper telling you which athlete gets which bib.  You are all paid so this window process will be quick.  IF you have any questions or problems they will be addressed at our problem solving tent located inside the stadium.  The people working the team packet distribution can't help you with any specific questions.  Their only goal is to get your packet in your hands and get you into the stadium quickly.
  9. Safety Pins:  Counting pins is a crap shoot as you all know and we do a pretty good job but some of you will need more and some will have too many.  We will have extra pins at the Clerk of the course and we will take back extra pins at the clerk of the course area. Veteren coaches always have a small supply on hand in their coaches bag however so they never panic.   Return any extras or keep them , either is fine BUT PLEASE DON'T throw them on the ground!  They are an impossible mess to clean up.
  10. Parents/Spectator ticket sales are availalbe online.  Please share with your parents if you have any form of electronic communication with them.  This will save them a lot of time waiting in line.   

    In order to help speed up the entrance procedure for parents and spectators at the 73rd Annual Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational our box office is now offering everyone the ability to purchase tickets online and ahead of time.

    Those planning on attending can purchase their tickets anytime prior to the event and it will be delivered to their smart phone if desired.

    Please share this with your athletes and their parents.  This will save a lot of time and significantly shorten the lines for everyone at the box office on meet day.

  11. NO PETS!  Share this with parents please.  Mt. SAC is not a park or an open space.  it is a college campus and animals are not permitted.  The only exception is seeing eye dogs.  This seems to be a touchy subject at times with some people and I have no desire to debate the merits of the policy.  My only goal is to inform people coming to watch their child compete of our policy that we will be inforcing it.  We can't leave the dog in the car unattended and we can't allow the dog in the stadium so the parent ends up driving all that way only to miss their childs race.  Help me prevent that from happening and share with parents if you can.

  12.  The Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational is here! As the meet gets underway Friday and continues on Saturday, we wanted to let you know that all of the races will be streamed LIVE on RunnerSpace. Families, friends, and fans can catch all of the action even if they can't make it to the meet. Let your team's network know all about the webcast, best of luck to your athletes this weekend, and here we go!

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