Arcadia Info

RESULTS: Live results will be posted online at

SPIKES: 3/16” PYRAMID spikes are required on our synthetic track/runways. Spikes will be checked at the Athlete’s
Gate and event check-in. A limited supply of spikes will be on sale at the Participants Entry Gate for $4.

TEAM TENTS AREA: Team canopies can be set up on the grass field at the southwest corner of the stadium only, or
on the UPPERMOST portions of either grandstand. No canopies are allowed on the grass field that is directly west of
the track or in the lower portion of the stands.

ATHLETE-ONLY WARM-UP FIELD: Athletes are to warm up on the grass field located to the west of the track
and field facility. A limited number of hurdles will be provided in this area. This is not a gathering area to socialize!

COURSE/STAGING: The Clerk of the Course/Staging tent is inside the warm-up field located west of the track.
• Track event athletes must check in with the Clerk before the last call of their event and return by the last call.
Alternates will replace those athletes who do not show up before the final call in lane races.
• Field event athletes must enter the field through the grass corridor between the stadium fence and the Clerk of
the Course tent. Uniform and bib number must be worn in order to enter the track.
• Field events athletes are responsible for checking in directly with the head judge at their field event area (no
later than 30 minutes prior to the start of their event). If this is not done in time, the athlete may be scratched.
• Athletes participating in BOTH a field event and a running event must keep up on the time schedule and notify
the field event judge to be excused for a track event.
• At staging, athletes for track events will be assigned lanes, given hip numbers and taken to the starting line.
Athletes may keep their warm-ups on until they reach the post-staging area.
• After competition, exit from the track is only through the northwest access point gate along the first curve.

• First Call: 20 minutes prior to first heat of each event.
• Second Call: 15 minutes prior to first heat of each event.
• Third (Final) Call: 10 minutes prior to first heat of each event. (Alternates may be entered in the race in place
of athletes who have not reported before this third and final call).

NIKE SOUVENIR BACKPACKS/GYMSACKS FOR ATHLETES!: All athlete participants who compete in the
meet (this does not include alternates) will be eligible to receive either a Nike/Arcadia Invitational backpack or a
Nike/Arcadia Invitational spike bag. Only one item per athlete.
Backpacks are for athletes who compete in the Saturday night Invitational/Seeded heats or in the Friday Invit’l heat.

Spike bags are for those athletes competing in the Saturday Open (day) portion of the meet or in Friday’s non-
invitational heats.

In addition, the top overall performer in each event (not each heat) during Saturday’s Open Session will have the
option to “upgrade” from their spike bag to a backpack as reward for their overall Open “win”. ONLY these
“upgraded” backpacks will be available at the awards tent exiting the track.
Head coach is responsible to claim these athlete bags only during the final hour of each meet session (from 9:00-10:00
Friday or either from 3-4 pm or 9-10 pm Saturday). Bags not claimed by the end of the meet will be forfeited.
Backpack/spike bag pickup is at the driveway exit adjacent to packet pickup (Credentials).

How to Read Coach Draughon's Arcadia List

First - Coach Draughon will be double checking race numbers and times.  If you happen to find a mistake in Coach Draughon's times or race numbers, please let her know.

Second - Runners in each relay can be read left to right.  The first 4 names are the runners in that relay.  Any runners after the first 4 are the alternates in that order.  RED names are running.

* = a runner who was NOT initially listed as a runner in this relay; We do not know if we will be allowed to have these runners race and we will have to be prepared in case they cannot.  Coach Draughon will explain the process carefully to runners.

If a runner has a line through their name, they are not racing due to injury or race schedule conflict.