IEC Info

Parents and Runners - The Meet is being held at VMHS.  They did not accept all the runners I entered into the race, so please make sure you have checked the acceptance list and the schedule.  

Coach Adam Robbins will be at the meet since I will not be there.  He will be at VMHS by 6:30 AM for those runners in the 3200 to be able to arrive and warmup.

All runners need to arrive 90 min to 2 hours ahead of their run time and get in a good warmup of 45-60 minutes.  

Troy Keller will be our Distance Team Captain at the meet and he will be helping runners organize themselves for warmups, etc.  So find Troy or Coach Robbins if you have questions.  If you need immediate help, you can reach Coach Robbins at 951-385-9737.