XC Update 5-23-22

Good evening GOHS XC Runners and Parents - 

This email contains a large amount of information.  Please keep it for reference.

Next to Last Day of School, June 2nd - all current (grades 9-11) GOHS XC Runners will meet with Coach Navy at the Stadium at 12:30 (right after school) to go over expectations and obligations for the GOHS Summer XC Program (Camp) we will be hosting for runners in grades 2-8 during June 6-10.  ALL current GOHS XC runners are expected to participate.  Community Service Hours will be given to all runners for the time they help.

Last Day of School - all current (grades 9-11) GOHS XC Runners will meet with Coach Corey right after school for a special assignment.  This assignment will require runners to make deliveries, so parents will most likely be needed.  Runners CANNOT ride with other runners without parent permission and no runner can drive anyone without parental permission and without being old enough to qualify to drive others in their car.  Parents, please be involved in this process with your runner.

June 6-10: All GOHS XC Runners will help with Running with the Pack - our Summer Program to connect with middle and elementary school runners.  Runners will be needed 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM each of the mornings that week.  Coach Navy will be the coach in charge.

Summer Training - The website has the training calendars, which include running and strength training instructions.  Incoming freshmen and runners new to GOHS XC should follow the New Runner Calendar.  All other runners should follow the Varsity Summer Training Calendar.  Runners have been told that modifications to the Varsity calendar are OK for JV runners.  All strength routines are also linked in this location on the website.  Runners who are aiming at being part of the top 16 Girls or Boys should be following the Varsity Calendar.



July 11th Time Trial - The website also has information about the July 11th Time Trial.  It is important to understand that Coach Draughon will take the top 16 Girls and the top 16 Boys to Mammoth (plus the top 2-4 new runner Girls and Boys) AS LONG AS she feels the times they run in the Time Trial show competitive preparation to handle the long mileage and requirements of the Varsity Mammoth Training.  So, if times do not reflect that preparation, Coach Draughon will choose to take fewer Girls/Boys to Mammoth.  For Coach Draughon to know each Varsity runner has completed the Summer Training with integrity, runners are invited to have Coach Draughon and Coach Corey follow them on Strava.  This is only necessary for those runners who want to compete for the top Varsity spots.  Runners are encouraged to discuss this with their parents, to consider keeping Strava accounts private, hiding the location of their home address, and using a free Strava account.  Anything beyond that is a discussion between runners and parents.

Varsity runners who want to show their accountability and preparation to the coaches, should fill out this form about Strava.


Mammoth XC Training Camp - The Mammoth Camp will take place July 16-23.  A meeting will be held the evening of July 11th for those runners and their parents who are selected to attend.  The cost for Mammoth is $600 per runner.  Runners who are not selected for the Mammoth Camp will attend the Temecula Camp during the same time.

Please help the parent chaperones with their preparations to care for runners during Mammoth.  If it is even remotely possible for your child to qualify to attend Mammoth, please fill out this form.  

GOHSXC Mammoth Trip Food Allergies input form

CIF Dead Period - Coaches will be unable to coach between the end of school and the July 11th Time Trial.  Coach Draughon can still answer administrative questions, but no coaching will happen.  Runners are responsible for working together to build team unity and train at the highest level possible.

Summer Nutrition - Parents, please help your runners work on good nutrition habits over the Summer.  Food is Fuel!!  We need runners to concentrate on training, sleep, and nutrition in order for us to be successful this upcoming season!

We have our eyes set on NXN on December 3, 2022!  The only way to get there is dedication and hard work.  We can enjoy that journey with the sacrifices required to make it happen!  

Go Wolfpack XC!

Coach Draughon