Update 5-27-22

Good afternoon GOHS XC Runners and Parents - 

Next to Last Day of School, June 2nd - all current (grades 9-11) GOHS XC Runners will meet with Coach Navy at the Stadium at 12:30 (right after school) to go over expectations and obligations for the GOHS Summer XC Program (Camp) we will be hosting for runners in grades 2-8 during June 6-10.  ALL current GOHS XC runners are expected to participate.  Community Service Hours will be given to all runners for the time they help.  ***It would be fantastic to have graduating seniors come help this week as well!!  It’s an opportunity to give back to the program and help us connect with younger runners in the community.  Please come to the meeting with Coach Navy on 6/2 at 12:30.

ALL GOHS runners (current or alumni)  helping with the camp must fill out one of these forms.  Please fill them out and return to Coach Draughon no later than Tuesday, May 31st.  LINK TO VOLUNTEER WAIVER FORM

Last Day of School - all current (grades 9-11) GOHS XC Runners will meet with Coach Corey right after school for a special assignment.  This assignment will require runners to make deliveries, so parents will most likely be needed.  Runners CANNOT ride with other runners without parent permission and no runner can drive anyone without parental permission and without being old enough to qualify to drive others in their car.  Parents, please be involved in this process with your runner.

June 6-10: All GOHS XC Runners will help with Running with the Pack - our Summer Program to connect with middle and elementary school runners.  Runners will be needed 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM each of the mornings that week.  Coach Navy will be the coach in charge.

Summer Training -  I gave lots of information about summer training in the last update, so I am adding to that here.  All runners need to be doing strength training with weights, or resistance more than body weight, when the calendar indicates strength training.  I have added strength training routines to the Summer Training with routines for using bands and dumbbells, along with basic routines for weight training.  Below are Amazon links to the different types of bands I think work well for runners to use in their strength training.  All Varsity runners should get these bands to use in their personal training and we will continue using them once practice resumes in July.  **The Loop and Flat Bands are the most important.  The Tube Bands are also great, but not as necessary if runners have access to weights (dumbbells or other weighted systems).

Loop Resistance Bands

Flat Resistance Bands

Tube Bands with Handles

Strava Reminder - Coach Draughon would like to have Varsity runners using Strava and having her follow them on Strava to see their responsibility for doing the Summer Training.

Varsity runners who want to show their accountability and preparation to the coaches, should fill out this form about Strava.  Coach Draughon has to follow the runners.  Runners are not following Coach Draughon.


Let’s make it happen this Summer!!

Go Wolfpack XC!

Coach Draughon