Supplementary Strength Training/Chiro/PT/Massage Information

Everything below is supplementary information meant to provide you with resources.  No runner is expected or required to pay for additional training or preventative maintenance care to be part of the GOHS XC Teams.  

Additional Strength Training Information - It is important for runners to strength train in a way that specifically supports their running.  The Summer could be a time to get more individualized help with strength training to work on personal weaknesses.  None of the information or references below indicate an endorsement by GOHS or TVUSD.  They are simply suggestions from my own personal experience, as a runner, or from the experiences of multiple GOHS XC runners.

Dynamic Fitness is a training facility in Murrieta (26881 Jefferson Avenue) which does a fantastic job of addressing individual strength training needs.  Their services are a monthly fee, and are expensive for most families.  This is not an indication that each family needs to do this.  Many of our former high level runners (under Coach Soles) have found the strength training help they have needed through Dynamic Fitness.  Some of our current high level runners are finding the same benefits. I have trained with them since 2014.  Brian Richardson and Kevin Duenas are the owners of the facility and they will give my runners a discount on the monthly fee.  Families should just indicate to them that they run XC at GOHS with Coach Draughon.  I do not receive any benefit for runners who train with Dynamic Fitness.  Brian and Kevin love what they do and they have supported my strength training plans for the team, thus far, just because I have been training with them for many years.

Brian Richardson MS

Chiropractors/Physical Therapists/Massage Therapists - Some runners will not need to see a chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, or orthopedist during their entire time with GOHS XC.  Others will need to get help with maintenance on a regular basis.   I have a strong opinion about the benefits of physical maintenance for runners, including what runners should be doing at home, every day, to help themselves avoid needing professional help.

Here are some resources which are either from my own personal experience, or from the experiences of multiple GOHS XC runners:


  • Horst Chiropractic
    31205 Pauba Road
    Dr. Nathan Horst specializes in ART (Active Release Techniques) - beyond normal chiropractic care.  

  • Tri Valley Chiropractic and Sports Wellness
    27314 Jefferson Avenue
    Dr. Brett (as the runners call him) also provides care beyond normal chiropractic care.  He does not take insurance, but his cash price is very reasonable.

  • Perpetual Motion Physical Therapy
    38977 Sky Canyon Drive
    Dr. Rey (as the runners call him) is a knowledgeable PT and his office gives runners access to the AlterG, which is an anti-gravity treadmill for working through particular treatments/injuries.

  • Chief Physical Therapy
    George Cushman Court
    Dr. Allen is a knowledgeable PT who  played collegiate football.  

  • Holistic Roots Wellness
    28581 Old Town Front Street
    Gino Celmo is a manual therapist I started using in 2013 or 2014.  Feel free to contact me to ask any questions about my experiences with him.