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FRIDAY, September 16, 2022

Driving Direction to the GP, Parking of Buses and Spectators 

We all know that with large athletic events, there will be traffic.  However, nothing frustrates us more and takes the fun out of an event quicker than gridlock traffic.  Sitting there is a vehicle and not going anywhere, drives us wacky.  The Irvine PD and our management team have devised a plan that will minimize the chances of this occurring.  Between Back-to-school nights early season team meetings, weekly newsletters, team social activities, etc. each of you will have the opportunity to educate your team’s families on the elements of his plan.

Each/every coach on your team will be counted on to make it a goal to educate and encourage every runner, parent/family member, friends, running fans they know, etc. to follow this plan to assure a smooth flow of the vehicles into the GP for the races.  Please print out the elements of this plan (outlined below), put it in the hands of your runners and hound them to make sure that this paper is taken home.  Encourage them to tell their family and friends to purchase their parking passes ASAP, as well as, to follow the driving directions provided in the attachment.

The Traffic and Parking Plan for the 2022 Woodbridge Cross Country Classic

1.       It is Extremely Important that everyone that will attend this event (bus drivers, coaches, families, spectators) follows the driving directions to the Great Park in the attached document rather than those they can get from Apps like Google Maps, Waze, etc. etc.

2.       The location of the parking lots and distance from the Finish Line for the event is attached

3.       Buses will drop off and pick up teams in Parking lot # 1.  Directions will be provided to their staging area (about 20 minutes away) when they drop off.  Coordinate pick up when you team is ready to go home.

4.       All other vehicles (including school vans) will park in lots 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and the Wild Rivers Lot.  Parking passes to these lots must be online at a cost of $ 20.00

5.       Parking passes can be purchased  starting this Wednesday, August 31, 2022.  We will give coaches 2 days to get the information out to the families before we open the purchases.  Its first-come, first-served on the prime spots.    Lots 2, 3 and 7 are prime lots.  Lots 5 and 6 are OK but the Wild Rivers Lot is a bit of a hike.  **Use the link Coach Draughon sent in the email!!

  For Friday Parking:  https://gofan.co/app/events/686559?schoolId=CA808

6.       Parents/Family can drop runners off at Lot 3.