Dana Hills Invite Info

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September 24, 2022

Runners meet at school in the FRONT parking lot at 4:50 AM to be able to leave on the bus at 5:00 AM.  We will return to the same parking lot around 5:00 PM for any parents who are not attending the meet or going to the beach BBQ.

This meet will include all athletes except the ones selected to run Bob Firman.  The PSG will provide a fun beach BBQ party the day of the meet at the beach!  Races are early in the morning with the beach BBQ right after the meet.

From the Dana Hills Coach - documents to follow

1) Bus Instructions

Attached to this email are detailed instructions for bus drop off and pick up. PLEASE read through and follow them, and print out a copy for your bus driver. DO NOT JUST PLUG IN TO GOOGLE MAPS. We need all buses to approach the school coming SOUTH on Golden Lantern, and drop off and pick up at the corner of Golden Lantern and Priscilla. If you attempt to turn onto Acupulco Drive from any direction you will be stopped and yelled at. Do everyone a favor and read the instructions, it's all in there.

2) Pedestrian Access

There is NO pedestrian access on any section of the course that runs along public streets. This includes coaches. I have attached a map showing exactly how pedestrians can enter the event. There will be course marshals at the corners of Stonehill and Golden Lantern, and Golden Lantern and Acapulco turning anyone around who attempts to cross the street at those locations. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping pedestrians off the exterior of the course. There is GREAT viewing of the action within the campus. PLEASE PASS THIS DOCUMENT ALONG TO YOUR PARENTS.

It is also imperative that you stress to your runner that they remain in the coned off zone at all times. Any runner seen stepping outside of the closed off area will be disqualified. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping people off the streets. The future of the event depends upon it!

3) Shoe Tag Information and Finish Line Photos

Finished Results will be providing live results, please direct your parents to their app. Make sure you have a coach assigned to collecting chips after each race; missing chips will be $5 each. Shoe tag instructions are attached.

Finished Results will also be taking high resolution photographs of every finishers. Tell your kids to smile as they finish, and share the QR code with parents so they can purchase photos of their kids.