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2018 Season

2018 Time Trial

2018 Time Trial
July 16, 2018 - 6:15 am

Butterfield Stage Park

-Tori Gaitan (11) wins the girls 2.75 Mile Time Trial!
-Tyler Tickner (12) wins the boys 2.75 Mile Time Trial!
-Kiera DeBoard wins the girls Frosh Mile Time Trial!
-Carson Smith wins the boys Frosh Mile Time Trial!
-Amazing job to all!

Please make sure to have your athletic packet completed! Turn it in to the PSG tent at the Time Trial!

*2018 Time Trial Info (w/course maps)
*No time standards this season!
*NEW Courses at Butterfield Stage Park (maps located in Time Trial Info above)
*Frosh race is 1 mile (top 2 finishers per gender qualify to camp)
*Returners/upper class race will be ~2.75 miles (top 16 qualify to camp per gender.

Final Time Trial Checklist:
-Dress: running shorts/tank or t-shirt or old/custom uniform + running shoes
-Ipods and Garmins are OK to wear during race
-Make sure to bring paperwork if not already turned in (come early)

-Volunteers check in with Coach Noble when called

-PSG will be selling Nike GOXC gear, stop by the table and get some great gear!

*All-Time Time Trial Records (updated 7/11/16)(Old Course)

*2018 Time Trial Results
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Baldwin Park 5k

2018 Baldwin Park 5k
August 4, 2018
4100 Baldwin Park Blvd at Morgan Park

Do Not Sign Up Online - We will do a team sign up!

Join us in the running of the Baldwin Park 5k! Print the attached sign up sheet, fill it out, attach a check for $15 (our cost for this event or $20 if you want a T-shirt), and return to Coach Soles by Thursday, August 2nd by 9:30 am at practice to be entered. A fun race for all each year! Family can sign up with the sheet as well as part of our group! Transportation is not provided so plan accordingly. We all meet at the park around 7:00 am.

2018 Highlights:
-Jr. Chris Verdugo leads the team to victory with a 4th place 15:20!
-Jr. Arianna Griffiths leads the team to victory with a 1st place 17:01!
-Boys boys and girls teams win!

-2018 Sign Up Sheet (Turn in to Coach Soles)
-GO Teams
-GO All Time List (updated 8/5/18)
-Course Records

Time Trial #2

Time Trial #2
August 24, 2018

-Frosh Carson Smith runs away with the victory in 5:07!

-Frosh Kiera DeBoard and Ainslee Robbins go 1-2 in 5:48 and 5:49!

Amazing job to all!

2018 Time Trial #2 Results

All-Time Frosh Time Trial Comparison (2011-2018)

Seaside Invite
Ventura, CA
Friday - August 31, 2018

*Entrance to meet is $5.00 - Cash Only

**We will only be taking ~105 athletes to this meet

Carson Smith wins the Frosh boys race!
-Mateo Joseph wins the Soph boys race!
-Gabe Abbes wins the Jr. boys race!
-Tyler Tickner wins the Sr. boys race in the fastest time of the meet!
-Ainslee Robbins takes 2nd in the Frosh girls race!
-Georgie Mandel takes 2nd in the Soph girls race!
-Arianna Griffiths wins the Jr. girls race in the fastest time of the meet!
-Elizabeth Richter takes 2nd in the Sr. girls race!
-7 team wins, 1 second place!
-Amazing job Wolfpack!

-Parent Flyer
-Meet Entries
-Bus Roster
-Course Map (New Course in 2018!)
-Meet Website

-Event Website
-Snack List

***SEASIDE ALL-TIME RECORDS (updated 8/26/18)

Woodbridge Invitational

Woodbridge XC Classic
Silverlakes Sports Park, Norco
September 15, 2018

No Buses - Meet There

Parking $15.00

Tori Gaitan with the win in 16:06!

Girls and Boys teams sweep again!

-Tori Gaitan wins going away in 16:06!

-Boys team wins sweeps again in new meet record!
-Girls team wins sweeps by over 60 points!
-Boys wins Rated and Varsity B races as well!
-Girls take 3rd in Rated and 1st in Varsity B races!
-Amazing job to all of our athletes!

-Parent Flyer
-Meet Entries
-No Buses - Meet There
-Spectator Parking Info
-Snack Schedule
-Meet Schedule (Blue Division)
-Meet Website

-Course Map
-Sweepstakes & Rated Team Entries

-Meet Results

Bob Firman Invitational

Bob Firman Invitational
Eagle Island State Park
Boise, ID

(Top 7's only - 3 day trip)

-Boys team wins!
-Girls team places 2nd!
-Tori Gaitan and Arianna Griffiths go 1-2 overall in meet!
-Gabe Abbes places top 10 to lead boys!
-Great job Wolfpack!

-Rooming List
-Meet Website
-Meet Schedule
-Course Map
-Competing Teams

2018 Clovis Invitational

Clovis Invitational
Woodward Park, Fresno


(Overnight Trip - Selected Athletes Only)

-Boys team wins for 5th year in a row in a meet record 76:50!
-Girls team wins for the 5th year in a row!

-Tori Gaitan wins her 3rd major invite this season in 17:09!
-Tyler Tickner runs 15:08 for an amazing 2nd!
-Cameron Hylton finishes 7th in 15:19!
-Mateo Joseph fastest soph of meet in 15:28!
-Brianna Lucas wins the JV race!
-Kyle Reden wins the Fr/So race!
-Aric Reza wins the JV race!
-JV boys team finishes 1-10!
-All 6 entered teams win!

Dana Hills Invite

Dana Hills Invite
Dana Hills High School

NO Beach Party this year due to Homecoming!

-Boys Team finishes 2nd overall!
-Girls team finishes 2nd overall!
-Ryan Shields runs 14:44 for 5th overall!
-Cole Sawires Yager runs 14:53 for 10th overall!
-Aubrie Nex runs 17:33 and finishes 6th overall!
-AJ Tabanao wins the Jr. boys race!
-Austin Montez won the soph boys race!
-Carson Smith won the Frosh boys race!
-Frosh boys and girls win team races, as well as soph boys!
-Isabelle Buncab takes 3rd in Jr. girls race!
-Sophie Rodriguez takes 12th in Soph girl race!
-Divine Torza takes 3rd and Ainslee Robbins takes 4th in Frosh race!
Great job all athletes!

-Parent Flyer
-Bus Roster
-Meet Entries
-Meet Schedule
-Meet Website
-Course Map
-Snack Schedule

SWL Meet 1

SWL #1
Temecula Valley High School

Only 1 bus returns to GO, please pick-up athletes at TV

-Boys Varsity team wins!
-Girls Varsity team takes 3rd!
-Boys JV team wins!
-Girls JV team wins!
-Great job athletes!

-Parent Flyer
-Meet Entries (updated)
-Bus Roster
-Course Map
-Snack Schedule

Southwestern League
Boys Clovis Team Champions

Can Great Oak Sweep Again?

Southwestern League Meet #2

SWL Meet #2
Galway Downs, Temecula


-Frosh Kyle Murphy wins the Boys Novice Race!
-Soph Chloe Taggett wins the Girls Novice Race!
-Jr. Kendall Harrison wins the Girls JV Race!
-Sr. Trevor Branstetter wins the Boys JV Race!
-Tori Gaitan does a tempo run for 2nd in Girls Varsity!
-Soph Kyle Reden kicks hard to take 2nd for Boys Varsity!
-GO wins all races!

Inland Empire Championships

Inland Empire Championships

Inland Empire Championships
Riverside City Course


-Boys Sweeps wins!
-Girls Sweeps wins!
-Boys Large School Varsity wins!
-Girls Large School Varsity wins!
-Boys JV wins!
-Girls JV wins!
-Boys Soph wins!
-Girls Soph wins!
-Boys Frosh wins!
-Girls Frosh 5th!
-Mateo Joseph 3rd in Sweeps!
-Brianna Weidler 6th in Sweeps!
-Amazing job Wolfpack!

Mt. SAC Invitational

Mt. SAC Invitational
Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut


-Girls win 10 D1 Sweeps Title in a row!
-Girls win 5th Grand Sweeps Title in a row!
-Boys win 5th Grand Sweeps Title in a row!
-GO wins all 10 races entered!
-Tyler Tickner takes 2nd in Team Sweeps!
-Tori Gaitan takes 2nd in Team Sweeps!
-Cole Sawires Yager leads a 1-7 sweeps by JV Nat Boys!
-Isabelle Buncab wins JV Nat Girls!
-Caroline Jilek wins Soph Girls!
-Ainslee Robbins wins Frosh Girls!
-Zoe Medranda wins JV Girls!
-AJ Tabanao wins JV Boys!
-Amazing day Wolfpack!

Mt. SAC Invitational

Great Oak's JV National Sweepstakes Boys go 1-7!

Arcadia Invitational

Arcadia Invitational
Arcadia County Park


-GO wins 8 of 9 races and takes a 2nd place!
-Carson Smith wins the Frosh Boys in 16:26!
-Natalie Carlton leads the Fr/Soph girls with a 3rd in 19:30!
-Dustin Parrish with a big race to take 2nd in 15:57!

-Abby Cahill finishes 2nd in 19:01 in JV Girls!
-Sr. Devon Paez with a huge race to win JV Boys in 16:38!
-Sr. Elizabeth Richter takes 4th to lead LS Varsity girls to win!
-Austin Montez leads the LS Varsity boys to win in 15:36!

-Fr. Divine Torza runs 17:45 for 5th in sweeps!
-Cole Sawires Yager runs 14:48 to lead 7 to top 11 places for Sweeps win!
-Amazing job Wolfpack!

Arcadia HS Logo

2018 SWL Finals

Southwestern League Finals
Galway Downs, Temecula


-All Levels Win League!
Tori Gaitan wins the individual title for Varsity!
-Kendall Harrison wins the individual title for JV!
-Julia Robles wins the Novice Race!
-Cole Sawires Yager wins the individual title for Varsity!
-Josh Abrenica wins the individual title for JV!
-Chaz Fikes wins the Novice Race!
-Amazing job to all runners!

Southwestern League Finals

2018 CIF Prelims

CIF Prelims
Riverside City Course


-Boys win their heat!
-Cole Sawires Yager and Leandro Candray go 2 and 4!
-Girls take 2nd in their heat!
-Jrs. Kendall Harrison, Isabelle Buncab, and Ivy Johnson lead the way!
-Both teams qualify to CIF Finals!

CIF Prelims

2018 CIF Finals

CIF Finals
Riverside City Course


-Boys win their 4th CIF SS Title in a row!
-Girls win their 7th CIF SS Title in a row!
-Tyler Tickner, Ryan Shields, and Cameron Hylton finish All-CIF!
-Tori Gaitan is the CIF SS Champion!
-Tori, Fatima, Arianna, and Audrey are All-CIF!

On to State!

CIF Finals

2018 California State Meet

California State Meet
Woodward Park, Fresno


-Tori Gaitan wins the D1 Individual State Title!
-Fatima Cortes (7), Mateo Joseph (5), and Ryan Shields (10) finish All-State!

-Girls win a State Record 7 State Titles in a row!
-Boys win their 5th State Title in a row!
-Both teams get #1 CA seed for NXN!
-Amazing Season Wolfpack!


State Meet

2018 Nike Cross Nationals

Nike Cross Nationals (NXN)
Glendoveer Golf Course
Portland, OR


-Boys team takes National Runner-up!
-Girls team places 8th in the Nation!
-Tori Gaitan 18th Place for All-American!
-Mateo Joseph and John Worthy lead the boys team!

Thank you athletes for an amazing season!


2018 End of Season Checklist

We have had an amazing season! Please read the list below to see what responsibilities you have for the end of the season and the timeline that will be used.

  • October 31st - League Finals at Galway Downs (last day of competition for anyone not making CIF Team)
  • October 31st - CIF Team will be posted online by 11:00 pm
  • November 5th - ALL non-CIF team members need to have washed and turned in uniform to Mrs. Jordan in the girls PE office.  If it is not received it will be charged to the athlete's account after this date!!! Please make a priority.
  • November 10th - CIF Prelims (CIF Team Only)
  • November 13th - South Temecula Track Club (Winter Track) starts for all non CIF athletes (Click Here for STTC Website)
  • November 17th - CIF Finals(CIF Team Only)
  • November 24th - State (CIF Team Only)
  • December 1st – Nike Cross Nationals (NXN Team Only)
  • January 9th - XC Awards Banquet in the GYM for all athletes/parents.  Dressy casual attire requested. Moved to January due to Coach Soles and Noble being out of town on original date...
  • Please make sure all team donations have been turned in to the PSG.
  • Please make sure all uniforms have been washed & returned.

Thank you to our PSG, Coaches, and Athletes for another awesome year of GOXC!

2018 College Commitments

Join with us in celebrating our athletes as they commit to run at amazing schools across the country!

  • Tyler Tickner Oklahoma
  • Fatima Cortes Cal Berkeley
  • Cameron Hylton Cal Baptist
  • Trevor Branstetter Concordia
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GO Athletic Administration

Herschel Ramirez

Herschel Ramirez

Athletic Director

Phone: 951-294-6450 x2012

Eric Morton

Eric Morton

Assistant Athletic Director

Phone: 951-294-6450

Lois Gorbacz

Lois Gorbacz

Athletic Secretary

Phone: 951-294-6450 x2004