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Athletic Clearance

Student Athletes Needing Medical Insurance

Under state law, school districts are required to ensure that all
members of school athletic teams have accidental injury insurance that covers medical and hospital expenses. This insurance requirement can be met by the school district offering insurance or other health benefits that cover medical and hospital expenses.

Some pupils may qualify to enroll in no-cost or low-cost local, state, or federally sponsored health insurance programs. Information about these programs may be obtained by calling 1-877-410-8827

Questions regarding
Athletic Clearance

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Waivers/Info Sheets/Codes of Conduct

Please see full versions of documents from Athletic Clearance below. For your use/reference not turn into Athletic Dept.

GO Athletic Administration

Anthony Califano

Anthony Califano

Asst. Principal/Athletic Administrator

Phone: 951-294-6450 ext 23026

Eric Morton

Eric Morton

Assistant Athletic Director

Phone: (951) 294-6450 ext. 23712

Mary  Rose

Mary Rose

Assistant Bookkeeper/Athletics

Phone: 951-294-6450 x23030

Chantelle Snyder

Chantelle Snyder


Phone: 951-294-6450 ext. 23120