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Cross Country

Countdown to NXN!



2018 State Champions!

Great Oak's Boys and Girls Once Again Sweep the CA State Meet!

College Commitments

Join with us in celebrating our athletes as they commit to run at amazing schools across the country!

  • Tyler Tickner Oklahoma
  • Fatima Cortes Cal Berkeley
  • Cameron Hylton Cal Baptist
  • Trevor Branstetter Concordia
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Sign-up for Winter Track!

The Winter Track sign up is now live at the STTC website! The first day of practice has been moved to Tuesday, November 13th!

Click Here

South Temecula Track Club

Join the South Temecula Track Club!

2019 XC Practice Schedule

Week 1 
July 15-20

Beginning of the Season!

Practice Locations:

Mon - Time Trial at Butterfield Stage Park
Tue - Back Field at Great Oak - 7:30-10:30 am
Wed - Back Field at Great Oak - 7:30-10:30 am
Thurs - Back Field at Great Oak - 7:30-10:30 am
Fri - Back Field at Great Oak - 7:30-10:30 am
Sat - Butterfield Stage Park - 6:30-9:30 am

-Winter Track Practice Schedule - Distance

-1st Period XC PE Practice Schedule

-2019 Season Meet Schedule

Athletes should bring a large water or Gatorade and be dressed in running attire and running shoes for each practice.

*Note: Group 1 Varsity athletes finish when we are completely done with practice...not at a specific time.
*Note: Group 3 may finish before posted completion time.  Please work out a contact schedule with your athlete so they can let you know when they are finished with practice.

Great Oak Cross Country

  • 2010 State Champions
  • 2012 State Champions
  • 2013 State Champions
  • 2014 State Champions
  • 2014 State Champions
  • 2015 National Champions
  • 2015 State Champions
  • 2015 State Champions
  • 2015 State Champions
  • 2016 State Champions
  • 2016 State Champions
  • 2016 State Champions
  • 2017 State Champions
  • 2017 State Champions
  • 2017 State Champions
  • 2018 State Champions
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Below we will list any XC news/announcements for the 2018 XC Season!

2019 Time Trial

2019 Time Trial
July 15, 2019 - 6:15 am

Butterfield Stage Park


Please make sure to have your athletic packet completed! Turn it in to the PSG tent at the Time Trial!

*2019 Time Trial Info (w/course maps)
*No time standards this season!
*SAME Courses at Butterfield Stage Park (maps located in Time Trial Info above)
*Frosh race is 1 mile (top 4 finishers per gender qualify to camp)
*Returners/upper class race will be ~2.75 miles (top 16 qualify to camp per gender.

Final Time Trial Checklist:
-Dress: running shorts/tank or t-shirt or old/custom uniform + running shoes
-Ipods and Garmins are OK to wear during race
-Make sure to bring paperwork if not already turned in (come early)

-Volunteers check in with Coach Noble when called

-PSG will be selling Nike GOXC gear, stop by the table and get some great gear!

*All-Time Time Trial Records (updated 7/11/16)(Old Course)

*2018 Time Trial Results
2017 Time Trial Results
2016 Time Trial Results

2015 Time Trial Results
2014 Time Trial Results
2013 Time Trial Results
2012 Time Trial Results
2011 Time Trial Results
2010 Time Trial Results
2009 Time Trial Results
2008 Time Trial Results
2007 Time Trial Results
2006 Time Trial Results

Nike Partnership

Great Oak XC works closely with Nike to put our athletes in the best shoes and athletic gear around. Look for some amazing opportunities for our athletes this coming fall!


Nike is our sponsor in 2019!

Click Here for more stories and results from the 2019 XC Season!

Donate to Great Oak XC

There are no longer any fees for athletics, but we still need funding for our great program (transportation, meet entries, etc).  This season we are asking all families for a $200 donation to help support our XC/Track program.  Parents can write a check or use the link below to donate to our XC/Track PSG.  All donations are voluntary, and the opportunity to give more if you would like to help our program even more is located on the link below.

Donate Now Button.jpg

Thank you for your support!

Coach's Corner

2018 Mammoth Camp Video

Please enjoy our 2018 Mammoth XC Camp Video created by Andrea Abbes!

Click Here

Flotrack/Milesplit Workouts

Purchase a Home

Want to help GOXC raise funds? Buy or sell a home through Alum Michael Wysocki and he will donate $500 to our program.

Click Here for info

XC Fridge Donations

Please take a look at the donations needed from all parents to stock our fridge and snacks in room 707 this season. Donations are now past due! Please bring to practice or send with your athlete ASAP.

Information Flyer

Check here for great pictures from our meets!

Click Here  - Password is greatoakxc


Click Here  - More great team pics!

Coaching Staff

Coach Soles

Coach Soles

Head Coach

Phone: 951-326-6992

Coach Lindstrom

Coach Lindstrom

Assistant Coach - Group 2

Phone: 760-818-3115

Coach Noble

Coach Noble

Associate Head Coach

Phone: 951-805-9273

Coach Martin

Coach Martin

Assistant Coach - Group 3

Phone: 951-813-9082

GO Athletic Administration

Herschel Ramirez

Herschel Ramirez

Athletic Director

Phone: 951-294-6450 x2012

Eric Morton

Eric Morton

Assistant Athletic Director

Phone: 951-294-6450

Lois Gorbacz

Lois Gorbacz

Athletic Secretary

Phone: 951-294-6450 x2004