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Cross Country

Information about this XC Website

This website is set up so that current information is at the TOP of the page.  Scrolling down allows someone to catch up on previous information.  It is a good idea to check the website periodically for all new updates and information. If you have any questions, contact Coach Draughon.


Varsity Coach
Tammy Draughon

Announcements for XC Fall 2022

Clovis Invite itinerary, athlete list, and information

Please see the Clovis tab above for information.  Coach Draughon will make final decisions by Sunday evening about which athletes from the alternates will also be attending.

If an athlete is on the list for Clovis, and they will not be able to attend and race, please communicate with Coach Draughon.

If an athlete is currently injured, Coach Draughon may choose to remove them from the trip and take an alternate runner.  Decisions about injuries could be made up until Wednesday or Thursday before the trip.

Practice schedule 9/26-9/30

Monday - Thursday is normal schedule.

Friday we will practice at 6:00 AM for ALL runners.  We will not have a practice in the afternoon because of the Homecoming Football Game.

Saturday morning we will practice at normal time - 6:30 AM at Butterfield Stage Park.

**We are out of all water and Gatorade in the classroom and we are almost out of Liquid IV.  Coach Draughon maintains control of the Liquid IV.  If you would like to donate more water and small Gatorades, please bring/send to practice Friday morning or Saturday morning.  We will have 5 normal weeks of practice before the end of the season.

Dana Hills Invitational

Please check the tab above for information.  Coach Mike and Coach Fatima (maybe also Coach Aric) will be handling the Meet. 


How to check Bob firman results

We will real time live results! 
Share this link for LIVE RESULTS PAGE with parents who are not making the trip.
You will be able to see live results as athletes cross a split point twice, which will also display team scoring from that point.  Same features at the finish line.

Firman XC will be live on Runnerspace!
Link to the LIVE WEBCAST


Week of september 19-24

  • Practice Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs at normal afternoon times.
  • Practice Friday morning at 6:45 AM.  No Friday afternoon practice.
  • Dana Hills Invitational and Team Beach BBQ on Saturday, Sept 24th.  ALL runners must ride the bus to the meet.  Arrive at GOHS front parking lot by 4:50 AM.  Buses will leave at 5:00 AM and return to GOHS by 5:00 PM.
  • See the tab above for more information.
  • Schedule:
    8:00 am – Boys Senior/Invitational Section
    8:15 am – Girls Senior/Invitational Section
    8:30 am – Boys Junior
    8:45 am – Girls Junior
    9:00 am – Boys Sophomore
    9:15 am – Girls Sophomore
    9:30 am – Boys Freshmen
    9:45 am – Girls Freshmen

Congratulations to all the runners who ran at Woodbridge!  Here is some information about statistics from our performances:

  1. Our Sweepstakes Boys ran 7 of the top 11 times for ALL Great Oak XC runners who have ever run that course at Great Park!  On that list, Isaac Cortes has the top time and now Gabe Rodriguez is #3, Mark Cortes is #4, and the rest of the Sweepstakes Team from this year all have a spot in the top 11!  WELL DONE!!
  2. Our Sweepstakes Boys have overall race stats almost exactly to the team from 2014 and their stats are faster/better than teams from other years.  In fact, this year’s team has stats almost identical to 2014 (overall team time, average pace) with a team spread half as large!  2014’s team WON the meet, so this tells you even more about the intensity of this year’s competition.  WELL DONE!!

  3. Our Sweepstakes Girls have the third fastest GOHS team score on this course.  This means 2 of the other GOHS Sweeps teams had better stats, but our girls had better stats than all the other remaining GOHS Varsity teams which have run this course.  WELL DONE!!

  4. MANY of our runners ran PR times Friday!  WELL DONE!!
  5. In the list of our top 16 boys and top 16 girls from the meet, we had 2 freshmen girls and 2 freshmen boys on the list!  Sydney Lalloway and Brooklyn Osborne, along with Jack McMurrin and Bryan Osborne - WELL DONE!!

Woodbridge Bus List - remember no return bus

Abraham Kate
Baker Jacob
Brown Westin
Casillas Mizti
Cruz Devon
Cunanan Logan
De La Cruz Cassandra
DeLa Torre Jadyn
Donofrio Emily
Dugan James
El-Banna Norah
Franco Marco
Fuller Owen
Gaffney Kaia
Green Addison
Gump Christian
Harmon Ivory
Harr Caden
Hernandez Gabriel
Huang David
Huth Abigail
Huynh Nayeli
Ibanez Gabriela
Jasareno Aiden
Jean-Pierre Colin
Lalloway Sydney
Lopez Ashley
Lynch Carson
Martinez Pinto Bruno
McMurrin Jack
Medcalf Yumi
Meighan Denavion
Nelson Esther
O'Neill Oliver
Osborne Brooklynn
Osborne Bryan
Paez Kellen
Quatraro Turner
Rindfleisch Carleigh
Rodriguez Mia
Rojas Audrey
Rubalcava Isaac Shiloh
Sanchez Ruben
Schrock Elise
Schultze August
Shoaf Laura
Simpson Logan
Smith Zachary
Tang Kenneth
Valdez Jacob
Vassar Isaiah


Woodbridge updates 9-12-22

  • Woodbridge is doing their best to make sure everyone has all the information for Friday.  Here are the links in their latest email to me this morning.









Woodbridge Rosters

  • Woodbridge rosters are included in the update sent out this afternoon and they are also posted in the Woodbridge tab above.  

  • Athletes selected to race at Bob Firman will be announced late Friday night after Woodbridge. 

  • More information about next week's Dana Hills Invite and Bob Firman Invite are included in the weekly update.

Week of september 12-17

  • We will return to afternoon practices Monday through Wednesday.  3:45 Mon and Tues; 2:30 Wed

  • Everyone will practice at 6:45 AM on Thursday.

  • Team Meetings Tuesday at lunch (Girls) and Thursday at lunch (Boys)

  • Bus will leave at 11:45 on Friday for Woodbridge.  All the info about the bus is included in the weekly XC update sent to parents.

  • Saturday we will have practice.  Time TBA

Results of Cool Breeze invitational


Week of september 5 - 10

  • We will practice early in the morning on Monday, September 5th.  6:30 AM at Butterfield Stage Park.

  • We will practice each day the rest of the week, including Saturday.  Coach Draughon will post the practice schedule, based on heat, over the weekend. Update:  We will practice in the morning EACH DAY of this week to avoid the extreme heat.  Runners are expected to who up with an ACTUAL foam roller (not hand held/stick roller or massage gun alone).

  • **To help with parents handling appointments:  ALL practices are important and runners are expected to attend all practices.  Teams need all members present to have the best quality practice.  Monday/Wednesday/Saturday are critical workouts this week.  

CIF-SS Preseason rankings


Woodbridge Parking info

Update 8-30:  An email was sent tonight with links for parking passes.  Coach Draughon also added parking maps and other information to the Woodbridge tab above.

Woodbridge is one of the most prestigious XC Meets in the country and traffic can be very stressful.  ALL of the information about parking is already posted above in the Woodbridge tab.  Please read.  Parking passes can start to be purchased NOW (8-30) and the best passes will sell out.  

Everyone will need to pay to park and will also pay to enter as a spectator.

Fall Sports Rally 8-30

Fall Sports Rally will take place Tuesday at 7.  All runners should attend wearing their XC jersey (you can wear (not the shorts) and be there at 6:40.  You could plan to stay after practice to attend.  Just make sure you have your jersey.

XC Update Sent 8-28   
An email update was sent tonight.  If you did not receive the email, contact Coach Draughon.

Week of August 29-September 3

  • Practice this week has been adjusted because of the forecasted high temperatures.  Monday and Tuesday will be normal times:  3:45 PM.  Wednesday and Thursday practice will be held, for all runners, at 6:15 AM.  Runners need to be on the field, in the stadium, by 6:15, so arrive a few minutes ahead of time.  Friday practice will also be in the morning and will start at 6:45 AM.  No afternoon practices will be held Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week.

  • Race Rosters for ASICS Cool Breeze will be posted after practice on Monday, 8/29.  This should give families enough time to plan Saturday schedules.

  • Pasta Dinners are scheduled on Friday for both teams.  5:00 PM for both Pasta Dinners.  Girls at the Teli (Ameya) Home: 32355 Fireside Drive 92592 and Boys at the Brown (Westin) Home: 45795 Cebalo Street 92592

  • Runners need to be at the race venue AT LEAST 2 hours before their scheduled race time.  

  • ASICS Cool Breeze information can be found under the tab for the meet on the website.  You can familiarize yourself with the meet timeline.  Coach Draughon will post transportation information as soon as she has it confirmed.

  • **To help with parents handling appointments:  ALL practices are important and runners are expected to attend all practices.  Teams need all members present to have the best quality practice.  Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday are critical workouts this week.  Any Varsity runner missing practice the week of a Meet will most likely NOT be rostered in the top Varsity race.  Coach Draughon will make the final roster decisions.

4K Time Trial Results 8/26/2022

See the 4K Time Trial Tab above for results.

AsICS Cool Breeze Invitational - Sept 3rd

There will NOT be any buses for the Cool Breeze Invitational.  Rosters will be announced for Cool Breeze on Monday or Tuesday of race week.  Check the times for the races and plan to have your runner there at least 2 hours ahead of time.  

The Cool Breeze tab above has all of the necessary information, except the roster.  Ask Coach Draughon if you have any questions.  Coaches will hold a team meeting with runners on Thursday or Friday before the race.

Vertical Raise Fundraiser

Check the tab above for instructions and information.


August 22nd - August 27th

Practice Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri will be 3:45-5:30 or 6:00.  There is a possibility that Friday's practice will be at a different location for Varsity runners.

Practice Wednesday will be right after school gets out. 2:30 - 4:30; Runners need to be at the field starting to roll at 2:30.  

Practice Saturday is at 6:30 AM at Butterfield Stage Park

**To Ielp with parents handling appointments:  ALL practices are important and runners are expected to attend all practices.  Teams need all members present to have the best quality practice.  Consistency in running also has the benefit of helping prevent injuries and supporting running progress.  However, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday will be the critical workouts for this week.  

**Thank you for attending the Fall XC Parent Meeting Thursday evening (8/18).  Coach Draughon will send out her weekly email communication sometime Sunday (8/21) this week.  In that email, Coach Draughon will provide instructions on how to receive the information from the Parent meeting, if you were unable to attend.

Help needed for woodbridge

Please see the Woodbridge tab above for info on the help we need from a parent.  **Mrs. Keeney has volunteered to handle the shirts.  She passed out forms at the parent meeting.  Coach Draughon will post information about the shirts by Sunday.

August 15th - August 20th

Monday through Friday - Practice at 3:45 PM at the normal GOHS location.

Thursday at 7 PM - XC Parent Meeting in the PAC.  Runners do not need to attend.  This is a very important meeting to help parents understand the season, post-season, and coach expectations.


Friday at 5:15 PM - FRESHMEN/NEW RUNNER Mile Time Trial.  This is a change from previous announcements.  Come cheer for the runners as they run around Birdsall (We will hold this on campus at the field where we normally practice.)

Saturday - Practice at 6:30 AM at Butterfield Stage Park.  PSG will serve breakfast, at the park, for the teams following their Saturday workout.  Thank you PSG!

**Zero Period Runners - No zero period on Monday morning because of the first day of school.  For zero period on Tuesday, meet at 7:30 AM (don't be tardy) at Coach Draughon's classroom (511).  Runners do not need to dress for running on Tuesday morning.  Zero period workouts will begin on Wednesday morning.

Recent MileSplit Articles

Girls' Team

Boys' Team

Zero Period XC PE List

Coach Draughon has posted a list, in the tab above, which shows the runners for zero period XC PE.  If you have questions about the list, contact Coach Draughon.

practice location change for wednesday, august 10th only

Coach Draughon is sending out a Remind message with the address for the parking lot to use for tomorrow's 6:30 AM practice.  Contact Coach Draughon with any questions.

Practice schedule August 4th-august 12th

Thursday and Friday this week (8/4 and 8/5) are normal practice time and place.  Most runners had the correct rollers this morning.  A few did not.  Parents, please help them come equipped correctly. 

Saturday, 8/6 -

Groups 1 and 2 will meet at RRSP for practice at 6:30 AM.   

Group 3 will meet at 6:30 AM at our normal Saturday location of Butterfield Stage Park.

Monday, 8/8, through Saturday, 8/13 - Students will have Welcome Wolfpack Days this week.  We still have practice!!  Runners should not miss practice for Welcome Wolfpack Days! Ask Coach Draughon if you have questions.

Groups 2 and 3 meet at the normal places and times Monday through Thursday.  6:30 AM each of those mornings.  School during the week and Butterfield Stage Park on Saturday.

Group 1 will have a slightly modified schedule because of Senior events.  Monday and Thursday, Group 1 will meet at 3:45 PM for practice at school.  Tuesday/Wednesday/Saturday will all be the 6:30 AM time.

ALL Groups will meet Friday afternoon at 3:45 PM for Friday's practice.  Freshmen have orientation that morning and Coach Draughon is back to a normal teaching schedule.

Team XC Kickoff Parties

We will be holding 2 team kickoff parties - one for the girls' team and one for the boys' team.  ALL XC runners are invited to attend the Team Kickoff Parties!

Thank you to the Kankowski Family for hosting the boys' party (THIS Saturday - August 6th) and thank you to the Ropacki Family for hosting the girls' party (Saturday - August 13th)!  Fliers for the parties are located in the tab above.  Please notice that these are parties for Runners Only - and that each runner is asked to bring something.  Info on Fliers.

Remind Info

ALL Runners:  If you are not on the Team Remind, text @gohsxc22 to 81010

ALL Parents: If you are not on the Team Remind, text @gohsxc22p to 81010

Mammoth Runners - Please put yourselves on the Remind that is only for Mammoth Week.  Text @CAD122 to 81010

July 16th - July 23rd:  Temecula training camp

We will have 2 training camps running during this time.  Coach Navy will be in charge of the Temecula Training Camp.  See the tab above for the flyer Coach Navy has published about the camp week.

Temecula Camp Practice Locations: (all practices start at 6:30 AM)
7/16 - Butterfield Stage Park
7/18-7/22 - GOHS Practice Field (near pool)
7/23 - Butterfield Stage Park

Daily Temecula Camp Themes (see flyer in tab above):
7/18 - Wear BLUE Day!
7/19 - Crazy Socks Day!
7/20 - NEON Day!
7/21 - TWINS Day!
7/22 - Team Obstacle Course Challenge!

Prizes and Treats during the week!  

We have started taking attendance at practice.  Please let coaches know if you will be absent and why.  You can always send Coach Draughon a message on Remind - or email if you haven't figured out Remind yet.

Team Pictures

We have a Google Photos account set up for this season’s pictures.  All parents/coaches are encouraged to contribute photos of the team.

Link to Google Photos account: GOHS XC 2022 Google Photos

July 11th - Time Trial Results

Here is the link to the age with this year's and previous years' results.  Nice work today!  We were missing quite a few runners we expect to tart coming to practice in the next couple of weeks.  Great start to the season!

*Apologies if you do not have a time listed.  We used the same device for all events and had to reset earlier than we planned, but the finish order is correct.

July 11th - Mammoth Meeting/Remind Info/Practice Schedule

Right now Coach Draughon is operating from multiple email and info lists, but will be consolidating them this week.  So, if you are not on Remind or haven't filled out the team Google form (link at top of the website) then you might start missing announcements.

The Remind info is found when you fill out the team Google form.  Open the link again if you need to find the code.

Congratulations on a great showing at the Time Trials this morning! 

Practice Schedule ongoing until the start of school:  Mon-Fri 6:30 AM - 8:30 AM at GOHS and Sat 6:30 AM at Butterfield Stage Park.

July 11th Time Trial Info updated

Coach Draughon corrected the cost of Mammoth and a few other things on the Time Trial Information. 

If a runner is not Athletically cleared, they cannot run on Monday, but all runners are still encouraged to come watch and support, even if they cannot run.  This will give runners and families a nice snapshot of the start of the GOHS XC experience.

New Runners = any runner who is in grades 10-12 who has NOT run XC at the high school level before.  These new runners are allowed to run the longer time trial, but they are also allowed to choose the 1 mile time trial.  Whether a new runner qualifies for Mammoth in the 1 mile time trial will be a decision for the coaches.  The 1 mile time trial is intended to give 9th grade runners and new runners a chance to compete without the pressure of running in the same trial as the experiences runners.  However, if a runners in grades 10-12 feels they are ready and capable of competing in that group, the longer race would be the better choice.

Mammoth cost will need to be $700 per runner instead of $600 per runner.  Coach Draughon just received an updated cost for rental vehicles, which has doubled, and the cost of gas is not helping.  As a note of comparison, many camps cost $1200-$1500 for a week, so we are still doing our best to keep the cost as low as we can while still providing the camp experience we need. 

XC Update 6-24-2022

Emails went out tonight for an update.  If you did not receive it, please contact Coach Draughon at and the update is also included in the tabs above.

Which running watch should a runner get?

I just started a tab entitled "Cross Country Equipment" above.  I have given a little information about the most-used running watches by runners on the team.  If cost is an  obstacle, talk with me about ideas for other ways to track running with less cost, but eventually runners will need a good watch as they progress.

Athletic clearances update - is a runner cleared?

I just started a tab above for athletic clearances.  I will update this list a couple of times a week.  I cannot control whether or not a runner is cleared, but I can post the list of cleared runners so you can check.  Any questions, please contact Terri Kostecki at

Supplementary Strength training/chiro/pt/massage information

An email was sent a few minutes ago about these topics.  The information is also provided in one of the tabs above.

XC Update 5-27-22

An update email was just sent a few minutes ago.  The update is posted in the tabs above, but parents and runners should also have received an email.  If you did not receive the email, please fill out the form linked at the top of the website to sign up for Fall XC 2022.

***And remember that Athletic Clearance needs to be handled by 6/21/22 for an athlete to have clearance to participate starting July 11th.


XC Update 5-23-22

An update email was set 5-23-22.  The update is posted in the tabs above, but parents and runners should also have received an email.  If you did not receive the email, please fill out the form linked at the top of the website to sign up for Fall XC 2022.

***And remember that Athletic Clearance needs to be handled by 6/21/22 for an athlete to have clearance to participate starting July 11th.

More opportunities for physicals for athletic clearance


**Athletic Clearance needs to be completed by June 21st, at the latest, to ensure runners will be cleared in time to start practice on July 11th!


Good afternoon parents and student-athletes,

Our annual sports physical fundraisers will be offered on Thursday, May 26th and Tuesday, May 31st from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Spots are limited and will require a sign up for a mandated appointment time. The link to schedule an appointment is attached below. The cost for the physical is 40$. This purchase is nonrefundable. The proceeds from this fundraiser go back to the GOHS Athletic Training Program to purchase much needed medical supplies and equipment for the 2022-23 school year. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Please be advised:

If your student has had complications following an infection with the COVID19 virus, they will need to be cleared by their primary care provider. This includes symptoms of chest pain and exertional chest pain (chest pains with exercise) after infection that was not present prior to infection.


The sports physicals will be taking place at Great Oak High School in the CTE Kinesiology classroom. The room number is 1101. The entrance is located across from the gym, between the PAC and exits to the stadium/junior parking lot. 


 Attached below is the Paypal link for payment. Cash and/or check will not be accepted at the physicals. Please be advised that you must screenshot your receipt of payment after paying. The receipt will be your student's ticket for admission to get a physical. We are not able to see who has or has not paid for this event so please make sure to save it.

Appointment Time/Sign Up:

After paying, please choose an appointment time using the attached sign up genius link. You will need an appointment time to save your spot as spots are limited.

Papers Needed:

Additionally, the sports physical forms are attached below. Please have the medical history portion filled out prior to arriving for the physical. This will help minimize wait times during the physicals. These documents will also be available at the physicals if needed. A printout or screenshot of your proof of payment will be required at the time of your physical. 

Future dates for physicals will be offered as needed to support all of the athletic programs at Great Oak this year. The next date will be in the beginning of June, after the school year has ended. If spots fill up, please wait for me to send out the information for the next date in June. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thank you for your support of Great Oak High School's Athletic Training Program!

Kind regards,

Jessica Hefington, ATC
Athletic Trainer
Great Oak High School
32555 Deer Hollow Way 
Temecula, CA 92592
(951) 294-6450 *4020

**Forms are in the Tab above labeled Athletic Clearance Physicals

updates 5-16

The New Runner/Incoming 9th Graders Meeting was held tonight!  Several tabs have been updated above.  Please look for updates.

Athletic Clearance and sports physicals

Athletic Clearance is now open!!  All runners must have Athletic Clearance finished BEFORE July 11th in order to participate in the XC Time Trial!  This requires a physical.  See below for an easy way to take care of that requirement.


Good afternoon parents,

Thank you for your support of Great Oak High School's Athletic Training Program! Our annual sports physical fundraiser will be, May 13th from 3:30 to 6:30pm. The cost for the physical is $40.  This purchase is nonrefundable. 

Please be advised:

If your student has had complications following an infection with the COVID19 virus, they will need to be cleared by their primary care provider. This includes symptoms of chest pain and exertional chest pain (chest pains with exercise) after infection that was not present prior to infection.

The sports physicals will be taking place at Great Oak High School in the CTE Kinesiology classroom.The room number is 1101. The entrance is located across from the gym, between the PAC and exit to the stadium/junior parking lot. 

Attached below is the Paypal link for payment. Cash and/or check will not be accepted at the physicals. Please be advised that you must screenshot your receipt of payment after paying. The receipt will be your student's ticket for admission to get a physical. We are not able to see who has or has not paid for this event so please make sure to save it.

If you would like to submit your proof of payment ahead of time for your student, please fill out the attached google form:

Additionally, the sports physical forms are attached below. Please have the medical history portion filled out prior to arriving for the physical. This will help minimize wait times during the physicals. 

Future dates for physicals will be offered as needed to support all athletic programs at Great Oak this year. I anticipate a schedule of two more near the end of May/beginning of June. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Jessica Hefington, ATC
Athletic Trainer
Great Oak High School
(951) 294-6450 *4020


XC Training Calendars/incoming freshmen packets/new runner and parent meeting

By May 7th, training calendars will be posted for runners to help them prepare for the Fall XC Season. **Check the tabs above.

Also, Coach Draughon will be posting information for new runners and their parents, along with more information about the meeting for new runners and their parents.  This meeting will include incoming freshmen and will be held on May 16th, 7:00-8:00 PM in the GOHS PAC.  Parents and new runners (9th through 12th grades) are encouraged to attend.

Here is the link to the form to sign up for the GOHS XC team information and emails.  ALL runners need to fill out the form completely.  Parents can be the ones who fill it out for their runner.


Fall 2022 Time Trials

XC Time Trials 2022 will be held on the morning of July 11th.  All runners planning to participate in Fall XC, and who want an opportunity to earn a spot for the Mammoth Training Camp, should plan to attend.  **Family calendar conflicts for the Time Trials will mean a runner forfeits an opportunity to attend the Mammoth Training Camp, but can still participate in the Temecula Training Camp.

** 1-4 female and 1-4 male incoming 9th graders will be selected to attend Mammoth Camp.  More information will be posted soon.  Last year (2021), we took 4 incoming freshmen girls and 3 incoming freshmen boys.

**Up to 16 10th-12th grade girls and 16 10th-12th grade boys will be selected to attend Mammoth.  The total number will depend on qualifying times.  More information will be posted soon.

All runners should plan to bring their Fall XC donations the morning of the Time Trials.  The Fall donation amount is $300 this year.  All costs have gone up  - gas, buses, hotels, meet entry fees, etc.  This donation DOES NOT cover all costs for operating the program, but it is essential all runners participate in funding the program if we want to continue competing at a high level.

The cost for Mammoth Training Camp this year will be $600 per runner.  If you think you could qualify to go, start now to earn and save the money to attend.  The dates of Mammoth Training Camp will be July 16-July 23.  This is Saturday to Saturday.

If you do not qualify to attend the Mammoth Training Camp, we will also be holding a GOHS Training Camp based at school for the same week as the Mammoth Camp.

Coach Draughon will post a copy of the Fall 2022 XC Schedule once it is more complete.

If you have any questions about GOHS XC, please contact Coach Draughon at

Spring Track Distance Program Info and Announcements

Track Season Banquet - Use this link for athletes to RSVP for the banquet.  This is not the link for paying for additional guests.

The QR code to pay for additional guests and the flyer for more information is in the Tab for Season Banquet above.

League Finals/end of season information

  • It has been a great season!
  • League Finals will be held at Chap next Wednesday.  Runners were told, this morning, if they are on the lists submitted for possible inclusion in League Finals.  
  • Runners making it to CIF will continue to practice after League Finals.
  • Some runners are already finished with practices.  I will be putting out calendars and information about Spring/Summer Training to help runners prepare for XC.  We are already planning for a fantastic Fall 2022 XC Season!
  • Qualifying for CIF is extremely difficult, even for our very best runners.  It is important to view League Finals as the last running opportunity for most of our runners and give them the support and encouragement to make the most of the opportunity to run in League Finals.
  • I am always happy to communicate with parents.  Leading up to league finals and during post season, I will not discuss a runner's placement, etc, in a phone conversation or in person.  Email is completely fine.  This is to help with potentially heightened emotions.  Parents are encouraged to primarily allow their runner to handle their own communication with me.  

Corona showdown information

The acceptances for the Coron Showdown have been posted at te following:  LINK

The Corona Showdown will start running events at 9:00 AM and they will run the meet in CIF order.  One challenge is that they do not have an estimated time schedule.  It will be a rolling schedule from the 9 AM start, so I don't have a good way of estimating when runners should arrive.  Good rule is to be too early rather than too close to race time with not enough time to warm up properly or risking missing the race altogether.

Here is a link to the Meet information for coaches, but it will give some help.  LINK  

I will be there by 7:30 AM.  Runners in the 1600 should plan to start warming up by 8:10ish.  I won't have a better guess until I am there.  

I will be removing some runners from the rosters for Saturday.  I have already discussed this possibility with some of them.  While Corona provides a good opportunity for many runners to have a last chance to compete, it will not be a universally good decision for all F/S runners.  Some runners would benefit more from the opportunity to train through and perform at their best during League Finals.

Chap Dual Meet, Mt SAC, and IEC Information

Rosters are posted for all 3 meets.  Please ask if you have any questions.  

Distance Track Update

Please read the linked Distance Track Update.  It contains information about the current track season and preparations for Fall XC.  LINK TO UPDATE

Mt SAC Acceptances

Mt SAC acceptances are listed in the tab above.  At this meet, team total points will be the emphasis, and is the deciding factor in relay teams.  Lists wil be posted for Mt SAC in the next couple of days.

How Arcadia Relays are being handled

We are fast approaching that portion of the season that has the biggest effects on post-season participation.  With that, and with the passion to compete, comes disappointment in not being called on to race.  Coach's decisions are final.  Runners need to learn to respect the coach's decisions and support those decisions by racing their very best and by also encouraging and supporting their teammates.  The tab above will have Coach Draughon's simplified list of the Arcadia roster ALONG WITH EXPLANATIONS.  Read carefully.

VMHS Dual Meet Entries

Entries for this week's home dual meet against Vista are posted in the tab above.  Any 400m or 4x4 entries will be communicated later.

Updated League Finals Qualifiers

Check the League Finals tab above for the list of runners who have qualified.  This list will continue to be updated until League Finals.

Arcadia Invite acceptances

Here is how you read the acceptances (posted in the tab above):
1.  Scroll down to Great Oak.
2.  Find your name.  If your name is not on the list, you are not running any events at Arcadia.
3.  Beside your name will be 2 numbers.  The first number tells how many individual events you are running.  The second number tells how many relays you are running.  Most people are running relays.  
4.  Event numbers are underneath your name.
5.  If you are in relays, scroll down to the relay lists.  Names are listed in order.  If you are the 5th or 6th name, you are an alternate for that relay.  We will need some of the alternates.  I just do not know how many yet.  **Also, there may be a few cases where I choose, as Coach, to run an alternate over one of the listed runners for a given relay. We will discuss on Monday!

Everyone on the list, alternates included, are expected to be there on the day your events are being run.  Too often, an alternate is needed at the last minute.  

League finals and arcadia invite qualifiers as of 3-23-2022

Use the following document to see runners who have met qualifying marks for League Finals and the Arcadia Invite.  **Arcadia may NOT accept all the qualifying entries.  We will not know until meet lists are released.

I have not included marks which would get us entries for the relays. Runners, please check to see if I have missed one of your qualifying times.


**2021 Times can also be used for Arcadia. 
**The last day to earn qualifying marks for the Arcadia Invite is this Saturday at Azusa.

Practice Schedule during spring break

Mon 3/21: 7 AM
Tues 3/22: 7AM
Wed 3/23 - Practice STILL at 7 AM; Meet at MVHS in the afternoon at 3:15 PM
Thurs 3/24: 7AM
Fri 3/25: 7AM
Sat 3/26: Azusa MOC or OYO

Mon 3/28: 7 AM
Tues 3/29: 7 AM
Wed 3/30: 7 AM
Thurs 3/31: 7 AM
Fri 4/1: OYO
Sat 4/2: OYO

Arcadia Distance Challenge, MMHS Meet, and Azusa MOC Updates 

Check tabs above for updated information for the 2 meets happening next week. Check the heat sheets Coach Draughon just posted for Arcadia so you can check for any issues and to know your Saturday  3/19 schedule.

Here is the LINK to the form Coach Draughon sent out to runners on 3/14 for input on Azusa MOC happening 3/26.  Coach Draughon will be finalizing entries in the MOC by Wednesday evening.

Track Distance practice 3/11 and 3/12

If you are racing Friday, the Meet is your workout.  Remember that cool down mileage is always important.  Check in with Coach Draughon after your race to discuss your mileage.  Recovery will be essential for you on Friday night if you are also racing on Saturday.  Discuss your plan with Coach Draughon.

If you are not racing Friday or Saturday, you will plan on 8+ miles Saturday and then aerobic mileage on Friday enough to help you meet your weekly goal.  Contact Coach Draughon with questions.  Send Coach Draughon your workouts.

If you are only racing Saturday, Friday you should do a shakeout run and then prepare well with recovery.

Redondo Updates and Info 3/10 @ 9 pm

First of all, the Meet is at Redondo Union High School AND one race is at West High School.  The Redondo Website is calling it West Torrance High School, but the name is West High School.  They also have the address slightly wrong on the Redondo Website for West High School.  I will post a picture in the tab above to help with this.

Link for the Meet schedule

Link for the Redondo Meet Website

Coach Garcia also has information on the Track website, so you can find the information in a couple of places.

Friday runners - Make sure you have everything you need: uniform, warmups, racing SHOES, lunch, snacks, hydration, and things to keep you warm as the sun goes down.  It will likely be COLD!  Coach Draughon will meet runners at Redondo High School on Friday when you get there on the bus.  The meet warm-up routine will be sent on Remind.  All runners are expected to warm up together.  ALL distance runners should be together doing 10 minutes of easy running as you arrive on the bus.  Then you can get yourselves organized to fully warm up in race groups 40 minutes before your race.

Saturday runners - Arrive about 90 minutes before your race should begin.  Warm up in groups once you find your race group.  Parking is difficult.  Look up the weather and come prepared!  Bring everything that is listed for Friday runners.  Coach Draughon will be at West High School for the frosh/soph 1600 and then she will be at Redondo Union High School the rest of the day.  Coach Corey will be at Redondo Union High School Saturday morning.

Contact Coach Draughon directly if you have trouble with anything on Friday or Saturday.  First, try to answer your own questions with the resources provided, but then contact Coach Draughon if you need more help.

changes to redondo roster

I have posted a document in the Redondo Tab which shows the updated roster.  Please read the information!  

Also, please fill out the following form to let me know about the bus for Friday and racing on Saturday.  LINK

Azusa Meet of Champions distance classic

This meet will take place on 3/26 and will be an all day and night event.  This roster is due by 3/17, so I will wait to see how Redondo turns out before finalizing it.   THIS IS DURING SPRING BREAK!!  Please make sure you filled out the form telling me about your availability for this meet.  LINK TO FORM

Arcadia Distance challenge

This meet will take place on 3/19.  The roster is due by 3/15, so I will wait to finalize and post it until after Redondo.  This is an evening/twilight meet and will start no earlier than 3:00 PM.


Redondo Invitational

***Redondo is usually a very strict Invitational.  I will probably not be able to make substitutions or additions in races.

The Redondo Invitational takes place at Redondo Union High School and West Torrance High School this Friday and Saturday, 3/11-3/12.  The Head Coach for the Invitational has told me he will give me more spots in the 3200, 1600, and 800 for Varsity Races, but he has not produced a list yet.  At this point, I have only posted the definite entries for those events and DEFINITE is a  tentative label.  With the uncertainty around the roster, I would use this list with the understanding that there could be changes coming.  I was trying to get more than one race for some Varsity runners.

Since the Meet is so far away, families might consider staying overnight in Redondo.  I would make sure to get a refundable hotel room because of probable changes.  

We will have a bus going from Great Oak on Friday to take runners who race Friday afternoon/evening.  I have not yet been told what time the buses will leave.  Look at the Redondo Invitational website to help you answer questions about time, etc, but I will not have more detailed information until the Meet Director sends out the actual schedule and heat sheets.  The tab above has links and the list of currently rostered athletes.  If an athlete cannot run, I need to know ASAP.

I will be happy to answer questions.  I know some runners have changed their minds about availability over the last few days, but this is the best we could do for now. 

Mt. Carmel Results

Link to Results

Mt. Carmel Info PosteD

The meet schedule and information about the meet has been posted in the tab above.  The address is here:

Mt. Carmel High School 9550 Carmel Mt. Rd, San Diego, Ca 92129

I will bring an EZup with me on Saturday morning and I will be there about 90 minutes before the first race.  All athletes will need to make sure they have everything they need for racing.  I will be the only GOHS Coach at this meet, so having some help with the EZup, etc, will be important.  All athletes will need to bring their own water/gatorade/snacks.  Athletes can leave after their last race.  It would be great if runners and families of the runners in the last races would help with taking down the EZup.

Rosters posted for cathedral catholic 3/2 and mt carmel 3/5

Please check the rosters to make sure runners can be there who are rostered for the meets.  If a runner is on the roster for Saturday and transportation is an issue, they can ask to see if anyone else could provide them with a ride.  Coaches are not allowed to transport athletes.

Attendance/Availability for March Meets

I sent this link via Remind, but here it is again.  Please fill this out to let me know about availability for Meets in March.  This includes Spring Break, so it is important to receive replies.  

Runners will have practice the week of March 21-26.  We will have a few days of OYO practice the second week of Spring Break, but we will hold practices in person that week based on Coach availability.

LINK for March Meet Availability Form

If you missed the parent meeting 2/23

I have posted a pdf copy of the presentation in the tabs above.  Many explanations for topics aren't included in the pdf since I was using it to guide my presentation in person, so please feel free to ask for clarification, if needed. 

Please continue to send in donations for the classroom to support runners and please send in your fair share donations.  Thank you to everyone who came or who contacted me because you couldn't be here.  

Parent/Runner Distance Meeting, wednesday 2/23

Reminder that we have a meeting at 7:30 PM Wednesday evening to go over many aspects of the Spring Track Distance Program.  It is a good time to handle your Spring Track Fair Share Donation and to also bring donations for Coach Draughon's classroom to support runners.  Coach Draughon will send out a reminder email Tuesday night, 2/22, so please contact her Wednesday morning if you do not receive the email.

Saddle Up Invite, Saturday 2/26

Here are the runners racing this Saturday.  The order (1st/2nd/3rd/4th) has no significance.  Runners were chosen to compete on Saturday based on their participation in practices and based on distances coaches would like to see them run.  The Saturday schedule will be posted sometime later this afternoon so runners and families can start planning their Saturday schedule.

Runners are encouraged to ask Coach Draughon questions about why they were placed where they are or why they aren't rostered.  Most questions are answered with information given at practices, but Coach Draughon always welcomes interaction with runners.

Girls Varsity 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1600 Kali Kraus Kaia Gaffney Lauren Ropacki Mizti Casillas
800 Hannah Miller Keira DeBoard Meilani Castillo Divine Torza
3200 Cailin Osborne Devlyn Torza Keira DeBoard Mizti Casillas
4X400 Hannah Miller Kali Kraus Meilani Castillo Ava Zavala
Girls Fr/Soph 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1600 Avery Smith Brianna Ropacki Ava Beeson Norah El-Banna
800 Emily Donofrio Mia Rodriguez Avery Smith Ava Beeson
3200 Maelin Nunez Emily Donofrio Brianna Ropacki Norah El-Banna
Boys Varsity 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1600 Gabriel Rodriguez Mark Cortes Sergio Gomez Nicholas Gaffney
800 Ramses Cortes Carson Smith Brandon Wilk Austin Elkins
3200 Jeffrey Keeney Logan Carter Diego Valdes Jordan Myers
Boys Fr/Soph 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1600 August Schultze Jack Paradise Owen Fuller Michael Rodriguez
800 Jack Paradise Michael Rodriguez Carson Lynch Jacob Brown
3200 Michael Tansley Jacob Brown Kai Marotta Izaiah Tellez


Practice Schedule 2/14-2/21

Mon 2/14-Thurs 2/17 3:00 in Stadium
Fri 2/18 TBA Morning Practice because of no school
Sat 2/19 Practice OYO and communicate with Coach Draughon
Mon 2/21 TBA Morning Practice because of no school

Announcements 2/13

Coach Draughon is sending out an email this afternoon.  If you do not receive the email, please contact Coach Draughon at to let her know.

The email contains information about the schedule, meetings, expectations, and a request for donations.

Before 2/7

If you are interested in running distance events for Spring Track, Coach Draughon will be your Distance Program Coach.  Distance events will be considered 800m and longer, but some distance runners will also participate in races requiring the shorter 400m distance.

If you have questions about the GOHS Distance Program during Spring Track, contact Coach Draughon at or go see her in Room 511.

ALL runners participating in Spring Track must have Athletic Clearance for TRACK!!  Most runners have started practices.  If you have Athletic Clearance questions, contact Coach Draughon.

Information below this point is from the 2021 XC Season and is not accurate for the 2022 Season.

2021 XC Season Announcements

winter training information

If a runner has not signed up for Winter Training with Coach Draughon, and wants to, or if a middle school runner is interested, please contact Coach Draughon directly for more information.

XC Banquet and 2nd Semester First Period XC PE

You should have received an email about the XC Banquet on 12/18.  We look forward to celebrating all of your successes and participation as part of the GOHS XC Program!

Above I have also posted a list above of the runners who will be in first period next semester.  If runners do not want to be in first period, then they shouldcome speak with me.  If runners are not on the list, and want to be, they also need to come speak with me.  Changes can be made up through the first 10 days of second semester.  If runners are not on the list, it has nothing to do with whether or not they are or can be on the XC Team or doing Spring Track.  It is more about whether or not they need the extra time for training and my observtions of how they use the time in first period.

RunningLane National XC Championships

We had a great trip to Fresno for the State Championships and all runners, running and not running, conducted themselves well.  All runners gave their all on the course and we have lessons we have learned to help us going into Winter Training, Spring Track, and again next Fall in XC.

Check the Tab above for the rosters of selected runners.  Coach Draughon is happy to have discussions with runners about why they were or were not selected, but those conversations should be between the runner and Coach Draughon, not parents.  

CA State Meet - November 27th!

Check the CA State Meet Tab above for all important information.  All Top 16 runners should be in the GOHS front paring lot at 6:45 AM Friday morning, November 26th.  Check the packing list, etc, to make sure runners are completely ready.

Alabama XC Nationals Teams will be announced after the State Meet, prior to boarding the bus to return to Temecula.

CIF Finals - November 20th!

Check the CIF Tab above for the flyer with information about CIF Finals!  We are excited to run!

All runners will be in matching uniforms for Saturday's Finals. 

Runners for Finals were announced at practice on 11/15.  Here are the runners rostered to run Finals.  Annoucements about the roster for the State Meet will wait until we do our job at Finals.

Boys running Finals (alpha order): Mark, Ramses, Austin, Gabe, Cameron S, Carson, Brandon - Nick will be the first runner to take someone's place in case of injury or other need.

Girls running Finals (alpha order): Aishling, Kelli, Cailin, Ameya, Divine, Devlyn, Joelle - Hannah will be the first runner to take someone's place in case of injury or other need.

runninglane national championships in alabama

Our trip to Alabama for the RunningLane National XC Championships has been approved!  Coach Draughon and Coach Corey will start working on the details for the trip.  Athletes for this trip will not be finalized until after the State Meet.

CIF Update

A parent flyer has been added to the Tab above for the CIF Prelims Meet this Saturday.

CIF Update

An email update was sent to all CIF Team athletes' parents tonight.  Saturday we run Prelims at Mt. SAC and hope all GOHS XC Families will be following the progress of the CIF Teams!

Ticket and other info can be found in the Tab above.

post-season athletes selected

See the tab above for more information about the selection process and the list of selected athletes.  Coach Draughon is the only coach who should be contacted about the selection process and that communication must be via email.  No phone calls or texts will be used for communication from the coach about the subject.

Runners are encouraged to see Coach Draughon if they have any questions about the process.  Selected athletes should report to the practice field at normal time this afternoon.  

XC Season Banquet

We will have a banquet to celebrate the accomplishment of the team and individual runners on either December 10th or December 11th.  Please mark those tentative dates on your calendar as we work to solidify plans.  This will be a nice event with the purpose of recognition and celebration!  All Parents and Runners should plan to attend.

XC Uniform return

Once runners begin their rest period and will not be racing any longer, they need to WASH and return their uniforms to Mrs. Jordan in the PE office where they picked them up.  Uniforms that are not returned will result in a charge on a student's school account.  Any runners not in the Top 16 should return their clean uniforms to Mrs. Jordan by Monday, November 8th.

post season running schedule

Winter Training will begin on Tuesday, December 7th.  The cost will be $150 per runner and an email will be sent about schedule and other information.  No Saturday practices during Winter Training!

Tuesday, 11/9, is the next school board meeting.  Our trip to the RuningLane National Championships will be approved or denied at this meeting.

CIF Competition:  We will meet at 2:45 on Thursday afternoon to announce the Top 16 Girls and Top 16 Boys who will continue training through the CA State Meet.  Anyone not selected for the Top 16 will then be released to go home and begin their 2 week break.   

Runners selected as the Top 16 will all travel to the Prelims, Finals, and State Meet, but not all runners will have the opportunity to run.  Runners will be selected by Coach Draughon for each of the 3 races.  If any Top 16 runner misses practices, Coach Draughon may choose to drop them from the Top 16 list.  Only committed runners will travel.  11/13 and 11/20 the bus will leave school in the morning and return after the races.  We will stop on the way back for lunch on each of these trips.  Runners are expected to go with the team on the bus and return on the bus.

11/26 -11/27 is the trip to the CA State Meet.  Runners who have been committed to training in the Top 16 will go on this overnight trip.  There is no cost other than personal food costs.  We will leave Friday morning and return late Saturday.  The race is in Fresno, so the timing of the trip will be very similar to the Clovis Meet and we will be staying in the same hotel we used for that Meet.  After the State Meet, all Top 16 runners will begin their 2 week rest except those who are chosen as the Top 7 Girls and Top 7 Boys to attend the RunningLane National Championships in Alabama and any other runners who are running Footlocker.

12/2-12/5 is the trip to compete at the RunningLane National Championships in Alabama.  The Top 7 Girls and Top 7 Boys will be attending this Meet.  Those runners are decided by Coach Draughon.  Footlocker happens on 12/4 (same day as Alabama Meet), so the runners committed to Footlocker will continue to train with the Top 7 until they leave for Alabama.

important bus info for league finals

We will have 2 buses leaving school at 11:45 to go to League Finals.  We will only have one returning, so please plan acoordingly.  If you have any questions, please contact Coach Draughon.

Change to League Finals Schedule

Please find the schedule in the Tab information above.  Race start times have been slightly delayed after the initial Novice Race.  

Everyone (Runners and Parents) should attend the meeting at the end of the Meet.  If we do not have time to do it before Awards, we will hold it immediately afterward.  

We also need to make sure we get pictures of all grade levels.


The tab above for League Finals shows the Roster for both teams along with information about getting to Galway Downs and the map of the course .  The following Runners are being rested or are injured or not running (Please let me know ASAP if anyone on the injured/not running list is actually running the race. ) The rested Runners can be on the bus.  Runners on the injured/not running list will not be on the bus, but are encouraged to come support the team after school.

Being Rested  
Gaffney Kelli
Fabian Aishling
Upshur Joelle
Cortes Ramses
Cortes Mark

Injured/Not Running

Baden Caroline
Cox Hailey
Gonzales Alanna
Lozoya Maleihny
Pamenter Ayla
Peck Brandi
Rodriguez Mia
Rojas Audrey
Sharpe Brook
Yeager Audrey
Castillo Vincent
Gonzalez Anthony
Suzuki Casey
Shepherd Owen

The entire team will report to practice Monday and Tuesday afternoons before the Meet on Wednesday.  Then the entire team will come to a quick meeting after school on Thursday where the Top 16 Boys and Girls will be announced and all other runners will begin their rest period and find out how to handle uniforms.

All other information about League Finals is included in the Tab above.

Team Update Email

An email was sent tonight with information on multiple topics.  Please contact Coach Draughon with any questions.  This week's schedule (10/25-10/30) will be the same schedule.  We will have practice each day after school (even if it rains) and we will have Saturday morning practice starting at 7 AM.

mt sac schedule for saturday

Information for the Meet is posted in the tab above.  Our first race is at 7:43 AM (Freshmen Boys) and our last race will be at 9:57 AM (Sweepstakes Girls).  

ALL runners need to meet in the front school parking lot at 5:00 AM Saturday morning.  Buses will pull out by 5:15 AM so we can arrive at Mt SAC by 6:30 AM.  

We will NOT be stopping for food on the way home, but we should arrive back at GOHS by about 12:30 PM.  Plan individual snacks accordingly.

Any runner who has uniform questions/trouble should handle those with me Monday or Tuesday to make sure they have it sorted by Friday.

Saturday Practice Reminders/Remind threads/Rest of Season

Runners are being given information at practices.  It is their responsibility to communicate with parents.  I do my best to control communication through email and the website, but runners are ultimately responsible for listening.

Saturday practices have been at 7:00 the last few times they have been held because of light.  Runners have been told this and Remind messages have gone out with the information.  If you are not on the Remind, please do that.  You will save yourself many questions since I send out more info than you really want to know :)

This week, practices are preparing for Mt SAC and ALL runners should be planning to run at the Meet.  More info will come out on Monday with definite times.  I will post the roster this weekend, but ALL runners are running.  EXCEPTION:  If your runner did not run the league meet and did not discuss that choice with me ahead of time, they are not automatically running at the Meet.  They need to see me on Monday to discuss their commitment to XC.

Buses will leave early Saturday morning for Mt SAC and will return sometime early afternoon.  Progress reports go out this week.  If a runner is in violation of CIF academic requirements, they will not be running with the team for the remainder of the season, starting October 22nd. I will notify any runners if this is something they need to worry about, but they should already know based on their grades in classes.  All runners must be passing at least 4 classes with at least a 2.0 GPA to continue playing sports.

After Mt SAC, we only have one more League Meet - League Finals!  That Meet will take place on November 3rd at Galway Downs.  After that date, only the top 16 girls and top 16 boys will continue practicing as we prepare for CIF Prelim/Finals/State Meet.   All other runners will begin a 2-week rest period on November 4th.  More information will be coming about the Winter Track Club training opportunity to help runners continue their running and prepare for Spring Track Season.  I am also the Head Distance Coach for Spring Track, so runners will continue the continuity of working with me as they prepare for distance Track events.

Southwestern League Meet Roster for TODAY!

A photo of the roster is posted in the tab above for the Meet, along with a picture of the course map.

Southwestern League Meet wednesday 10/13

Saturday's Clovis Invitational was highly successful!  Now on to the League Meet that will help us get to CIF.

Wednesday most of the runners will be running the Meet.  I need to post the full roster, but I'm not going to do that until after the race tomorrow.  Some of the Varsity Boys and Girls will not be running, so the Varsity roster will look a little different and give some other runners the chance to run Varsity, ALL non-injured runners will be attending the Meet.  The Varsity runners who are not racing (because they are being intentionally rested) will be doing their workout from the Meet and supporting the teammates who will be getting the team to CIF.

Any injured runners who are not running will not be taken out of class to travel to the Meet at TVHS.  They are welcome to get their own ride to the Meet and come to support the team after school is out, but they are not allowed to miss class  to travel to the Meet if they are unable to run.

Wednesday, runners will get out of class at 1:00 to change and then we will leave on the buses at 1:30 to go to TVHS for the Meet.  The buses WILL NOT be coming back to GOHS after the Meet, so parents should plan to pick up all runners from TVHS at the end of the Meet.  The races at the Meet will be: Novice at 3:30, then JV and Varsity.  Novice is decided by previous finishing times.  Slower runners run the Novice race.  The majority of runners will be running JV and only 7 runners run the Varsity race.

4:00--JV girls
4:30--JV boys
5:00--Varsity girls: Hannah, Meilani, Devlyn, Lauren, Mitzi, Avery, Maelin
5:30--Varsity boys: Gabriel R, Austin, Cameron K, Jordan M, Logan, Michael R, Troy 

So the Meet should conclude by 6:00, but all runners will need to assist with cleanup by the end of the Meet and all runners are expected to run a Cool Down run after they race.

CLOVIS invite parking fee

There is a $5 fee per bus or car for the parking at Woodward Park.

clovis invite is this coming saturday 10/9

Please check the Clovis Tab above for all the Clovis information.  More specific information was also sent via email on 10/4.  

PSG Officers will be available Tuesday and Wednesday mornings 7:00-7:15 AM and Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons around 5:00 PM to collect Meet donations and permission slips.  Everything will be explained to runners on Monday afternoon during practice.

Practice this week is normal Monday through Wednesday.  Thursday afternoon we will have a normal practice plus a team meeting for all runners attending Clovis.  

Friday, any runner who has 1st Period XC PE will be meeting at the covered lunch tables near my classroom and will be working on assignments from other classes.  The team will be leaving at 6:45 AM that morning for Clovis. 

An announcment will be made on Monday afternoon about Friday and Saturday practice for all runners not attending Clovis.

Season schedule update

The XC Schedule has been updated and is located in the tab above. 

Community service hours opportunities

When someone approaches me about service hours opportunities for runners, I will post them in the tab above. 

If you are interested in helping with the 5K, please contact Rafael Cassilas at 951-970-7374.

If you are interested in the Fall Festival service, please contact Adrienne Cruz (Devon's Mom) at 410-533-4209 with your name, availability, and any questions you might have. 

DaNa Hills Invitational Update

The meet roster is posted above under the tab for the Meet.  Girls and Boys Invitational Races are combined with the senior races.  There is a possibility that the Devlyn Torza and Mia Rodriguez will be running the Sophomore Race instead of the Invitational, but I won't know that information until later today or tomorrow.  If a runner is on the list and is not planning to run.  Please notify me today.

Woodbridge accomplishments/new training groups/clovis meet list

The following spreadsheet shows info about accomplishments at Woodbridge, including final results for all scored races.  It also shows the new training group assignments, and the roster for Clovis - which is an overnight trip.  **There is a possibility that the results of races in Dana Hills could cause a change in the Clovis roster.  If so, I will announce the change by Monday morning after Dana Hills.


Dana Hills Invitational and beach party

Saturday, 9/25, we will be traveling to Dana Hills to compete in the Dana Hills Invitational and then to enjoy the beach together for a few hours.  We will discuss the details of who is running the meet races at practice, but all runners are invited to participate in the beach party.  PSG will need support and help from runners' families.  We will meet at 5:00 AM on Saturdat at GOHS to leave for the Meet and we will arrive back at GOHS by 5:30 PM Saturday afternoon.  See the tab above for more information and links.

Woodbridge Parking Reminder

Woodbridge info is mainly linked in the tab above.  Remember $20 per car and no parking in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Woodbridge Race week Schedule

This week's schedule is slightly different because of the changes to the school week on Thursday and Friday and Woodbridge on Saturday.
**First period:  Boys in Group1/2 who will need more mileage this week must get their extra recovery mileage in on M/T/W mornings.  No extra mileage on Th/F this week!
M/T/W:  Rolling starts at 2:50 on the practice field.  Practice starts at 3:00.  **Top 18 Boys have a meeting during lunch today.
Thursday: Rolling starts at 12:50 with practice starting at 1:00.  This is a modified day, so plan food accordingly.  Runners will need a well-timed snack instead of a full lunch right before practice.  This day we will also have tem meetings.  Boys Team will meet at 1:00 BEFORE the practice and Girls team will meet at 2:30ish AFTER their practice workout.
Friday: Practice will beging at 6:30 AM!!  Practice will end by 8:30 AM.  There is no afternoon practice at school this day.
Saturday:  WOODBRIDGE INVITATIONAL - Coach Draughon will post the schedule by Monday afternoon.  All races take place Saturday afternoon and evening.  NO TRANSPORTATION IS PROVIDED to this Meet so plan accordingly.  

Thank you for supporting the 40th Woodbridge Cross Country Classic presented by ASICS.  Your support is greatly appreciated and special to our heart!!!

Our staff is working very hard to provide an enjoyable experience for you and your athletes. Please review the information below and share this information with each of your coaches and every family on your team.  It is imperative that everyone (coaches, athletes and parents) is aware of this information!  

  1. Entry Fees:  Bring your school check, personal check, or cash to the meet. Please do not mail the checks at this time
  2. Plan to arrive 2 to 2 1/2 hours before the first race (5:00pm on Friday; 3:50pm on Saturday) to be sure that your athletes will be ready for their races. Traffic will be heavy. After all, it is Southern California, and it is weekend traffic. Check the details for parking ($20 and paid by credit card) and the suggested traveling routes to the facility:
  3. Silverlalkes is a cashless facility.  Please pass this on to the families.  ASICS will accept cash and credit cards for the T-shirts and other apparel/foot-ware.
  4. EZ Ups might be inspected by Cal Fire Authorities.  I would suggest that your run your EZ ups by one of the local fire stations for certification ahead of time in case they inspect them at the meet.
  5. Check your race schedule:
  6. Course map:
  7. Rated and Sweepstakes entries (will be revised on Monday):

Thank you


George Varvas
Woodbridge HS

Upcoming Track Workout opportunities

Runners have been hearing announcements about Track practices starting soon.  Those are NOT for distance runners.  I am the Distance Coach for Track and we will have a program available for XC runners AFTER the XC season to help them prepare for and transition into Track.  All information about the distance Track program will come from me, not from Coach Garcia, who is the head Track Coach.  He and I have a great working relationship.  He will handle everything EXCEPT the distance program.

Week of 9/6-9/11

  • Monday's Workout is On Your Own (OYO).  Group 1: 8-10 miles total.  You can cplit in into 5-6 running miles and then a second, good quality, cross training workout.  Group 2: 4-7 miles total.  You can split that into 3-4 running miles and then  a second, good quality, cross training workout.
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday will be our tougher practices of the week - so they are the BEST opportunity to challenge yourself and improve your running.  Come with a positive mindset ready to work!
  • Wednesday and Friday will be workouts with less intensity.  These workouts are just as crucial to runner development.  No junk miles!!

Cool Breeze Invitational snack list

I have added the snack list to the Cool Breeze info above.  If a runner will not be attending the meet, I need them to personally tell me today.

Info for Week of 8/30 - including Cool Breeze Invitational

I have put Cool Breeze information in a separate tab above.  In that tab, you will have access to the bus and guest parking information, parking costs, the course map, and the race schedule.  T-shirts will be avilable for sale and food trucks will also be there.  PLEASE READ/PRINT what you need from the above information tab.  Athletes who are freshmen and sophomores will mostly be running the freshmen and sophomore races.  A few sophomores may be pulled up to Varsity races.  Those decisions will need to wait until I have received information about our selection for Seeded  Varsity Races.  

This week's schedule:  Morning class info on Canvas for runners.

Monday - TEAM PICTURES will be at 3:15 at our practice field.  Athletes need to bring their uniform to school, but DO NOT wear team uniforms for practice or to school.  Runners can change after school.  Practice will begin AFTER team pictures, so practice will go  longer this day.
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - Normal practice days with Thursday also being a team meeting about the race and details for Friday.
Friday - Runners will be leaving school early to attend the Meet. I will post the time here as soon as it is confirmed. They need to get a good night's sleep Thursday night, eat a good breakfast Friday, pack uniform, shoes, and other clothes needed for a long afternoon/evening at the Meet, and pack a good lunch for Friday.  Runners should have their rollers and other running accessories also packed for the Meet.  Runners are expected to be at the Meet for the entire time and to cheer and support all Great Oak runners in all races.  Runners are encouraged to be part of the team and return to GOHS on the bus at the conclusion of the Meet.  IF a runner needs to leave, with a parent, at the end of the Meet, then Coach Draughon needs to be contacted and the runner cannot leave until Coach Draughon sees the runner and parent, together, and the parent has signed the Coach's release form.  Coach Draughon will not do this until the end of the Meet.  Runners who cannot yet run a full 3 miles will not be allowed to compete in a race, but all runners will attend this Meet to support the team and find out why running really is so much fun!

Information about the fall sports night rally

Here is the information about our XC participation in the Fall Rally scheduled for this coming Monday night.  The actual rally starts at 7, but you will see teams are asked to come at 6:15.  

  • Senior Captains and the Captains' Council will be the only ones on the field for us that evening, but all XC runners are invited to be in the stands and SIT TOGETHER!
  • We will be wearing the jerseys we have been giving out since the time trials.  It doesn't matter if a runner has red or blue.  We will wear a mixture of both colors.
  • The runners chosen to be in the parade during school that day will come from the Seniors.
  • Below is the contents of an email to me from WSB.  
  • Parents and family members are invited to attend.  The rally should be from 7-8 PM in the stadium.

Good Afternoon, 

We would like to still maintain the rally tradition, and attempt to maintain the family theme amongst the sports theme while also compiling a performance/show to keep the audience engaged. Our general outline will be:

  • Teams & Performers arrive at 6:15PM
  • Allow all levels of the fall sports teams to be recognized (stand up), then shift the attention towards the coaches and the varsity team to speak and perform their chant, dance, or performance. (performance must be appropriate and not something that will embarrass the Great Oak name)
  • If you have a specific song/mix to be played, please let us know ahead of time!
  • Please inform team members to attend in their uniforms for the rally. You guys will have 4 minutes in total for whatever school-appropriate presentation/speech you have prepared. 
  • Have games and performances in between our sport introductions.
  • Conclude the event and thank everyone

On the day of the Fall Night Rally (Monday August 23rd), we intend to have a drumline parade through the school with the fall teams and performers following behind. Please choose 5 athletes to represent the team and advertise the Fall Night Rally for the student body. Please gather at the beginning of lunch on Monday @12:30. We ask that participants of the teams meet in front of the boys locker room for the parade. The teams may change into uniform if they would like to. Most importantly we ask for them to act appropriately at the parade and the rally.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


WSB Rallies

Team Email Update sent 8-20-21

The information is in a tab above if you did not receive it

Team Email Update sent 8-18-21

The information is in a tab above if you did not receive it.  A few email addresses are coming back with errors, but I do not have time to track them down right now.  Please let me know if you are not receiving emails - after you check your junk email.

Big Ditch was approved!!!

This is fantastic news!!  PLEASE encourage all runners to follow rules, wear masks in large settings of people, and get ready to run fast!  By Saturday morning, Coach Draughon will announce the list of selected runners chosen to run at Big Ditch.  We can only take about half the total team number. 

2nd Freshmen/New Runner Time Trial

This coming Friday (8/20) at 4:00 PM, we will hold a second 1-mile time trial for all freshmen and new runners.  Parents are invited to attend and support runners!  All upperclassmen/experienced runners will also be supporting the time trial.  Go Wolfpack XC!


We are excited to kick off our FanAngel fundraiser for the 2021 Cross Country season (this fundraiser is similar in concept to what we have done previously with the SnapRaise platform).

The link below is ONLY for your athletes to create their profiles and enter their supporters' email addresses before launch. After profiles are created and we are ready to launch everyone will be sent a unique URL within a printable flyer to promote their portion of the fundraiser personally.

(for creating profiles and entering emails)

Please see the attached parent letter (see PSG EMail) with further information and a video with step by step instructions. Please note that Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Edge are the preferred browsers.

Please reach out to Danielle Bauer ( or 617.835.5140) with any questions.



This Thursday August 19th Papa's Pizza Grotto on Pechanga Parkway will be hosting an all day fundraiser - flyer to follow closer to the event.

Notes from 8-13 Meeting with Coach Draughon

The tabs above include information from the Friday meeting with Coach Draughon.  Contact Coach Draughon directly with any questions.

BOYS' XC Team Season Kickoff 

Thanks to the Smith Family for hosting a party for all boys on the XC Team as we start our season!  August 21st - Runners Only!!  Here is a link to the invitation.  All boys are asked to bring something (see list on invitation).  LINK TO INVITATION

Chipotle Fundraiser 8/11

Use the following link to share this through multiple Social Media sources.  LINK Invite friends and neighbors to participate and support our Teams!  The flyer is also located above in the Upcoming Fundraisers Tab.

Dream Dinners Fundraiser Happening Now

Please go to the Upcoming Fundraisers tab above for all the details.  Orders placed now can be picked up on 8/16 or 8/20.  This can be shared with others on Social Media!!  Invite friends and neighbors to participate and enjoy the opportunity to have the dinners packaged for them!

First period pe information

Coach Draughon is working with GOHS Counseling to handle the first period running PE list.  Hopefully it will be cleaned up by the end of this week.  

XC Parents' meeting with coach draughon

August 13th at 6:00 PM at the Senior Lawn (changed from the PAC so masks are optional)
Come meet with Coach Draughon, and the rest of the coaching staff, to learn more about the season.  This is an important meeting and all parents of runners are asked to attend.  ***This is a good time to donate water, small gatorades, chocolate milk, etc for the XC team to have available in Coach Draughon's classroom.

Girls' XC Team Season Kickoff 

Thanks to the Ropacki Family for hosting a party for all girls on the XC Team as we start our season!  August 14th- Runners Only!!  Here is a link to the invitation.  All girls are asked to bring something (see list on invitation).  LINK TO INVITATION

Team email update sent 8-1-21

You should have received an email update late in the evening.  The contents of that email are also located above.

Practice schedule august 2-7

Monday-Friday 7:30 on back fields at GOHS - normal location.  Saturday 6:30 at Butterfield Stage Park

Temecula XC Camp this week - but monday morning canceled.

Temecula XC Camp all week with normal practice times and locations.  BUT this morning (Monday) there is a Flash Flood Warning.  No Practice this morning.


Team Email Update Sent 7-23-21

You can read the email above above if you did not receive it.  XC Camps next week!  Temecula Camp has same practice locations and times as the last two weeks.  If your Runner is new, scroll down in these announcements to get that information.  


Mammoth XC Camp Email Sent 7-18-21

If you did not receive the email (only sent to parents), please email Coach Draughon:


Team Email Update Sent 7-18-21

If you did not receive the email update, please use this form to add your parent email address:  LINK


Link to rolling help

Runners should be using their rollers for routine maintenance EVERY DAY to help avoid injury.  LINK


Practice Schedule July 19-24

Locations and Times are exactly the same this week for practice and will continue to be exactly the same until the week school starts.  Great first week of practice!  We can still add new runners, so invite your friends to join you!  They just need Athletic Clearance before they can start practicing.
Monday - Friday (2 workouts each day): 7:30 AM at GOHS and then an afternoon workout you do on your own (assigned by coaches)
Saturday (1 workout): 6:30 AM at Butterfield Stage Park

Mammoth Camp Google Form - Parents need to fill out ASAP

Click the link below for the Google Form if your Runner will be attending Mammoth Camp.  If your child has not received an invitation to attend Mammoth, he/she will not be receiving one.  All Runners not attending Mammoth Camp will be attending the Temecula XC Camp.


Mammoth Camp meeting for runners and parents

Tuesday, July 13th, at GOHS in Room 511; 6:00 PM

Time Trial Results posted

Look under Records in the menu bar of the top of the screen. Then select Time Trial.  A few more invitations to Mammoth will be extended at the end of practice tomorrow (7/13).

Practice Schedule July 12-17

GOHS Practice Location - Back Practice Fields behind the tennis courts and the pool.  You can probably get in to the senior lot (now labeled C)  because water polo practices very early.  This entrance is on the road behind the school.  If not, then park in the junior parking lot (labeled B) which is right outside the stadium.  The entrance to that parking lot is from the street in front of the school.

7/12: Time Trials at Butterfield Stage Park
7/13-7/16: Regular XC Practice at GOHS on the Back Fields 7:30 AM -10:30 AM; Eat Breakfast and Bring Water!!  Bring a towel for the ground and your phone.  
**Top 16 Boys and Top 16 Girls will meet at 6:15 AM Tuesday morning for practice!  Do not be late.  Meet in the junior parking lot.  We are leaving campus and will return before the start of regular practice.  Come dressed to run.
7/17: XC Practice will be at Butterfield Stage Park at 6:30 AM!

Workouts are explained at practice.  If you miss practice, communicate with Coach!! 

Wings and Things fundraiser july 12th

Flyer is available in the tab above.  Please support team fundraising efforts.

Team Time Trials MONDAY july 12th

All information has been sent in emails and is also located in the tab above.  Send questions to Coach Draughon.

Team Remind

Because there are limits to numbers for Remind accounts, Coach Draughon has created 2 Remind accounts for XC.  One is for the Runners and 1 is for Parents.  When messages are sent, Coach Draughon will send to both accounts so parents can also get the information.  

Runners ONLY Remind: Text @gohsx to 81010

Parents ONLY Remind: Text @gohsxcpar to 81010

Athletic Clearance Info as of 7-11-2021

Scroll down to see a list of  runners who have been cleared through the Athletic Clearance process as of 7-11.  Runners will NOT be allowed to run in the Time Trial without Athletic Clearance.   

Please check the list carefully.  If "NO" is recorded in either column attached to your runner, please handle ASAP or contact me (Coach Draughon) with questions. 

I also sent an email update on 6-30.  The wording of the email can be found above.

Meet Schedule Updated 7-2-2021

The schedule has bee updated.  Check it out at the link in the above menu.

Second Incoming Freshmen and New 10th/11th/12th Grade Runners' Meeting: June 8th at 7:00 PM 
This meeting will be on Zoom.  If you attended the first meeting and do not have questions, you do not need to attend.  This meeting is for anyone who did not attend the first meeting or who has questions. 
Zoom Link   
Meeting ID: 876 3475 6190  Passcode: 419820


Meeting for ALL GOHS XC Runners Currently in Grades 9-11: Wednesday, June 2nd at 3:00 PM in the Stadium


First Incoming Freshmen and New 10th/11th/12th Grade Runners' Meeting:   
May 26th at 6:00 PM at GOHS - PAC (Performing Arts Center). 
Google Slides from the Meeting


Virtual Meet the Coach (Coach Draughon) event Thursday, May 13th at 5:30 PM.





Varsity Coach

Tammy Draughon


Tammy Draughon


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Flotrack/Milesplit Workouts

Supplementary Strength Training/Chiro/PT/Massage Information

Everything below is supplementary information meant to provide you with resources.  No runner is expected or required to pay for additional training or preventative maintenance care to be part of the GOHS XC Teams.  

Additional Strength Training Information - It is important for runners to strength train in a way that specifically supports their running.  The Summer could be a time to get more individualized help with strength training to work on personal weaknesses.  None of the information or references below indicate an endorsement by GOHS or TVUSD.  They are simply suggestions from my own personal experience, as a runner, or from the experiences of multiple GOHS XC runners.

Dynamic Fitness is a training facility in Murrieta (26881 Jefferson Avenue) which does a fantastic job of addressing individual strength training needs.  Their services are a monthly fee, and are expensive for most families.  This is not an indication that each family needs to do this.  Many of our former high level runners (under Coach Soles) have found the strength training help they have needed through Dynamic Fitness.  Some of our current high level runners are finding the same benefits. I have trained with them since 2014.  Brian Richardson and Kevin Duenas are the owners of the facility and they will give my runners a discount on the monthly fee.  Families should just indicate to them that they run XC at GOHS with Coach Draughon.  I do not receive any benefit for runners who train with Dynamic Fitness.  Brian and Kevin love what they do and they have supported my strength training plans for the team, thus far, just because I have been training with them for many years.

Brian Richardson MS

Chiropractors/Physical Therapists/Massage Therapists - Some runners will not need to see a chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, or orthopedist during their entire time with GOHS XC.  Others will need to get help with maintenance on a regular basis.   I have a strong opinion about the benefits of physical maintenance for runners, including what runners should be doing at home, every day, to help themselves avoid needing professional help.

Here are some resources which are either from my own personal experience, or from the experiences of multiple GOHS XC runners:


  • Horst Chiropractic
    31205 Pauba Road
    Dr. Nathan Horst specializes in ART (Active Release Techniques) - beyond normal chiropractic care.  

  • Tri Valley Chiropractic and Sports Wellness
    27314 Jefferson Avenue
    Dr. Brett (as the runners call him) also provides care beyond normal chiropractic care.  He does not take insurance, but his cash price is very reasonable.

  • Perpetual Motion Physical Therapy
    38977 Sky Canyon Drive
    Dr. Rey (as the runners call him) is a knowledgeable PT and his office gives runners access to the AlterG, which is an anti-gravity treadmill for working through particular treatments/injuries.

  • Chief Physical Therapy
    George Cushman Court
    Dr. Allen is a knowledgeable PT who  played collegiate football.  

  • Holistic Roots Wellness
    28581 Old Town Front Street
    Gino Celmo is a manual therapist I started using in 2013 or 2014.  Feel free to contact me to ask any questions about my experiences with him.  

GO Athletic Administration

Herschel Ramirez

Herschel Ramirez

Asst. Principal/Athletic Administrator

Phone: 951-294-6450 x2012

Terri  Kostecki

Terri Kostecki

Athletic Department Secretary

Phone: 951-294-6450 x23058

Mary  Rose

Mary Rose

Assistant Bookkeeper/Athletics

Phone: 951-294-6450 x23030